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[ANNOUNCE] nano-2.9.5 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.9.5 is released
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2018 10:40:41 +0200
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2018.03.29 - GNU nano 2.9.5 "Kiša pada" changes the way the Scroll-Up
             and Scroll-Down commands work (M-- and M-+): instead of
             keeping the cursor in the same screen position they now
             keep the cursor in the same text position (if possible).
             This version further adds a new color name, "normal",
             which gives the default foreground or background color,
             which is useful when you want to undo some overzealous
             painting by earlier syntax regexes.  Bug fixes include:
             a segfault when trying to insert a file in restricted
             mode, the reading in of a new file being "undoable", a
             slight miswrapping of help texts when --linenumbers was
             used, and the shell syntax coloring the word "tar" in
             file names.

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific bugs that were fixed in this release:  (memory leak after reading stdin)  (--linenumbers affected help texts)  (attempt to renumber zero lines)  (improper comparison of pointers)  (attempt to display offscreen row)  (some improper types in comparisons)  (reading a new file was undoable)   (a segfault in restricted mode)  (the linter could show wrong file)  (shell syntax colored "tar" in filename)

Changes between v2.9.4 and v2.9.5:

Kamil Dudka (1):
      input: do not crash if sctofunc() returns NULL

Liu Hao (1):
      build: fix compilation error when configured with --disable-justify

David Lawrence Ramsey (1):
      tweaks: correct several parameter types

Benno Schulenberg (46):
      build: exclude more things when configured with --disable-multibuffer
      build: fix compilation again when configured with --enable-tiny
      build: fix compilation when configured with --disable-multibuffer
      build: fix compilation with --enable-{tiny,help,multibuffer}
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 2.9.5 release
      cut: avoid calling renumber() on what might be NULL
      docs: clarify how the Linux console is deficient: in the arrow keys
      docs: clarify what the scrollup and scrolldown bindable functions do
      docs: document the newly added color name "normal"
      docs: mention in the FAQ that <Shift+Insert> pastes from the clipboard
      files: prevent an infinite loop when reading from standard input fails
      files: prevent the undo of reading a file into a new buffer
      help: describe the Scroll-Up and Scroll-Down commands more precisely
      help: do not reserve space for line numbers, as they are absent
      linting: drop messages for other files when configured for one buffer
      memory: plug a leak, by actually freeing a discarded undo struct
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      scrolling: first move the cursor before pushing current chunk offscreen
      scrolling: let Scroll-Up/Down keep the cursor in the same text position
      selecting: don't cancel a softmark when just scrolling the screen
      small addition: understand color name "normal" to mean the default color
      syntax: sh: color also the 'cut', 'head', 'tail', and 'sort' commands
      syntax: sh: color options distinctively, and color also long options
      syntax: sh: uncolor "tar" when it's part of a filename
      tweaks: adjust a couple of types, to reduce the number of warnings
      tweaks: adjust or correct some comments, and rename a function
      tweaks: adjust the indentation after the previous changes
      tweaks: bundle some settings for a new buffer
      tweaks: change a parameter of open_buffer() and invert its logic
      tweaks: condense some code, to remove a bit of duplication
      tweaks: drop a handful of unhelpful asserts
      tweaks: elide an unneeded and shadowing variable
      tweaks: elide a parameter, as it's always the inverse of another
      tweaks: elide a parameter that is always 1
      tweaks: elide two parameters and thus a pair of wrapper functions
      tweaks: factor out the check for 'viewok' into its own function
      tweaks: fix a typo and adjust some wording and formatting in the FAQ
      tweaks: frob some comments plus miscellaneous other stuff
      tweaks: fuse two ifs into one
      tweaks: move an 'if' and then remove an unneeded label
      tweaks: reduce the font size of the questions in the FAQ
      tweaks: remove an inconsistent space from two pointer declarations
      tweaks: remove unneeded settings and unsettings of MULTIBUFFER
      tweaks: reshuffle some movement code, to reduce the number of conditions
      tweaks: revert commit c88a2fd9 -- the extra variable is needed
      tweaks: rewrap and amend some lines in the NEWS file



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