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Libidn2 2.0.5 released

From: Tim Rühsen
Subject: Libidn2 2.0.5 released
Date: Fri, 18 May 2018 10:10:15 +0200
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we are happy to announce the release 2.0.5 of libidn2.

Libidn2 is a free software implementation of IDNA2008, Punycode and TR46.
Its purpose is to encode and decode internationalized domain names.

From the NEWS:
* Version 2.0.5 (released 2018-05-18)

** Switched the default library behavior to IDNA2008 as amended
   by TR#46 (non-transitional). That default behavior is enabled when
   no flags are specified to function calls. Applications can utilize the
   %IDN2_NO_TR46 flag to switch to the unamended IDNA2008. This is done in
   the interest of interoperability based on the fact that this is what
   writers care about rather than strict compliance with a particular

** Fixed memleak in idn2_to_unicode_8zlz().

** Return error (IDN2_ICONV_FAIL) on charset conversion errors.

** Fixed issue with STD3 rules applying in non-transitional
   TR46 mode.

** idn2: added option --usestd3asciirules.



Project Website

Online Documentation

Getting the Source Code
  git clone

Source Code Test Coverage

With Best Regards, Tim

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