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LibreJS 7.18 released

From: Ruben Rodriguez
Subject: LibreJS 7.18 released
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2018 10:51:49 -0400
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GNU LibreJS aims to address the JavaScript problem described in Richard
Stallman's article The JavaScript Trap*. LibreJS is a free add-on for
GNU IceCat and other Mozilla-based browsers. It blocks nonfree
nontrivial JavaScript while allowing JavaScript that is free and/or
trivial. *

The source tarball for this release can be found at:

The installable extension file (compatible with Mozilla-based browsers
version >= v60) is available here:

GPG key:05EF 1D2F FE61 747D 1FC8 27C3 7FAC 7D26 472F 4409

This is a bugfix release containing:

* Corrections to the checks for trivial scripts
* Correctly handle scripts that are embedded as attributes (onclick,
onload, etc) or as links (href="javascript:...")
* Updated manual
* More generalized license matching, accounts for some common mistakes
in license tags, and allow to match by either license tag, canonical url
or magnet link.

Thanks to Giorgio Maone for reviewing my patches and providing feedback.

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