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GNU Guix & GuixSD 0.16.0 released

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: GNU Guix & GuixSD 0.16.0 released
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2018 18:09:01 +0100
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We are pleased to announce the release of GNU Guix & GuixSD 0.16.0,
representing 4,515 commits by 95 people over 5 months.

This is hopefully the last release before 1.0.

• About

  GNU Guix is a transactional package manager for the GNU system.
  The Guix System Distribution, GuixSD, is an advanced distribution
  of the GNU system.

  In addition to standard package management features, Guix supports
  transactional upgrades and roll-backs, unprivileged package
  management, and per-user profiles.  GuixSD offers a declarative
  approach to operating system configuration management and is highly
  hackable.  Guix uses low-level mechanisms from the Nix package
  manager, except that packages are defined as native Guile modules,
  using extensions to the Scheme language.

  GuixSD uses the Linux-Libre kernel and the GNU Shepherd init system.
  It can be used on an i686, x86_64, armv7, or aarch64 machine.

  It is also possible to use Guix on top of an already installed
  GNU/Linux system, including on armv7, aarch64, and mips64el.

• Download

  Here are the compressed sources and a GPG detached signature[*]:

  Here are the bootable USB installation images and their signatures[*]:

  Here is the QCOW2 virtual machine (VM) image and its signature:

  Here are the binary tarballs and their signatures[*]:

  Use a mirror for higher download bandwidth:
  Here are the SHA1 checksums:

  62f665dc02ea4c575f75b6728d6ec62875206846  guix-0.16.0.tar.gz
  ae4ded76633ff0d37c5297f457542cee2e6ee205  guix-0.16.0.tar.gz.sig
  bc6bee2f3bbeb36e70a61fb0666bd06112fe5554  guix-binary-0.16.0.i686-linux.tar.xz
  [*] Use a .sig file to verify that the corresponding file (without the
  .sig suffix) is intact.  First, be sure to download both the .sig file
  and the corresponding tarball.  Then, run a command like this:
    gpg --verify guix-0.16.0.tar.gz.sig
  If that command fails because you don't have the required public key,
  then run this command to import it:
    gpg --keyserver \
        --recv-keys 3CE464558A84FDC69DB40CFB090B11993D9AEBB5
  and rerun the 'gpg --verify' command.
  This release was bootstrapped with the following tools:
    Autoconf 2.69
    Automake 1.16.1
    Makeinfo 6.5
    Help2man 1.47.8

  To install the Guix System Distribution, please see “System
  Installation” in the manual.  To install Guix on a running system,
  see “Installation” in the manual.

• Changes since version 0.15.0 (excerpt from the NEWS file)

  ** Package management

  *** Default substitute URL changed to
  *** ‘guix pull -l’ lists new and upgraded packages
  *** ‘guix pull’ now supports channels via ~/.config/guix/channels.scm
  *** New ‘--profile’ or ‘-p’ option for ‘guix pull’
  *** ~/.config/guix/current is now a symlink to /var/guix/profiles
  *** New ‘guix describe’ command
  *** ‘guix package’ no longer shows build logs by default
  *** ‘guix’ commands now produce colored output by default
  *** User interface now reports grafts separately
  *** Manifests can now refer to arbitrary Guix commits using “inferiors”
  *** New ‘--with-branch’ and ‘--with-commit’ package transformation options
  *** ‘guix build -f’ now accepts any kind of “file-like object”
  *** Git checkouts may now be fetched from Software Heritage
  *** New ‘guix repl’ command for use by inferiors
  *** New ‘guix processes’ command
  *** ‘guix pack’ now honors ‘--localstatedir’ for all its backends
  *** New ‘opam’ importer for ‘guix import’
  *** ‘guix import pypi’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
  *** ‘guix import hackage’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
  *** ‘guix import stackage’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
  The short option for ‘--lts-version’ is now ‘-l’ (used to be ‘-r’).
  *** ‘guix refresh’ now stores upstream keys in ~/.config/guix/upstream
  *** Guix now depends on Guile-Gcrypt
  *** Guix now requires Guile-JSON

  ** Distribution

  *** Rust is now bootstrapped from mrustc
  *** The GNU Shepherd was upgraded to 0.5.0
  *** ‘guix system reconfigure’ now loads Shepherd service replacements
  *** ‘herd schedule mcron’ now displays mcron’s job schedule
  *** ‘herd statistics nscd’ now displays nscd statistics
  *** ‘herd invalidate nscd TABLE’ instructs nscd to invalidate TABLE
  *** New services

  ddclient, gitolite, iptables, pcscd, prometheus-node-exporter, varnish

  *** 985 new packages
  *** 1945 package updates

  Noteworthy updates:
  bash 4.4.23, binutils 2.31.1, cups 2.2.8, enlightenment 0.22.4, gcc 8.2.0,
  gdb 8.2, ghc 8.4.3, gimp 2.10.6, glibc 2.28, gnupg 2.2.11, go 1.11.1,
  guile 2.2.4, icecat 60.3.0-gnu1, icedtea 3.7.0, libreoffice,
  linux-libre 4.19.6, ocaml 4.07.1, octave 4.4.1, perl 5.28.0,
  python2 2.7.15, python 3.7.0, racket 7.0, rust 1.28.0, r 3.5.1,
  sbcl 1.4.13, shepherd 0.5.0, xorg-server 1.20.3

  ** Programming interfaces

  *** New (guix channels) module, see “Channels” in the manual
  *** New (guix inferior) module, see “Inferiors” in the manual
  *** New (guix describe) module, used by ‘guix describe’
  *** New (guix status) module, for build progress reporting
  *** ‘packages->manifest’ now accepts inferior packages
  *** New build systems: ‘clojure’, ‘guile’
  *** New ‘git-checkout’ record constructor in (guix git)
  *** Shepherd services can now declare custom actions
  *** More of the (gnu system …) APIs are now non-monadic
  *** New ‘add-file-tree-to-store’ procedure in (guix store)
  *** New (guix swh) module to access Software Heritage
  *** New (guix build debug-link) module, for ELF ‘.gnu_debuglink’ sections

  ** Noteworthy bug fixes

  *** Fix GCC crashes caused by a patch of ours (<>)
  *** ‘guix import hackage’ now supports ‘custom-setup’ field
  *** ‘guix-daemon’ taken from ‘guix pull’ looks up ‘guix’ in the right place
  *** Try several file names when looking up kernel modules
  *** ‘file-system-*’ services are now always started after ‘udev’
  *** Racket now ignores bytecode checksums for files in the store
  *** Grafting now updates CRCs in ‘.gnu_debuglink’ ELF sections
  *** UUID computation for VMs is now deterministic 
  *** ‘git-predicate’ from (guix git) now uses Guile-Git, which fixes corner 
  *** (guix store database) registers each store item only once
  *** The File > Open dialog in LibreOffice no longer triggers a crash
  *** Account home directory is always honored (<>)

  ** Native language support

  *** The manual is now partially translated into German, in addition to French

  To read the German manual, just type “info” or read it on-line at
  <>.  Consider translating the manual
  to your native language by joining the Translation Project:

  *** Updated translations: da, de, fr

Please report bugs to address@hidden
Join address@hidden and #guix on Freenode for discussions.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release:

     1  43317
     2  Alex Branham
     8  Alex Kost
    28  Alex Vong
     2  Alex ter Weele
     3  Amirouche Boubekki
    10  Andreas Enge
     6  Andy Patterson
     1  Anonymous
    49  Arun Isaac
    12  Ben Woodcroft
     3  Benjamin Slade
    18  Björn Höfling
     4  Brendan Tildesley
     6  Brett Gilio
     1  Carlo Zancanaro
     9  Chris Marusich
    29  Christopher Baines
     5  Christopher Lemmer Webber
    30  Clément Lassieur
    82  Danny Milosavljevic
     5  David Thompson
     1  Diego Nicola Barbato
   208  Efraim Flashner
    53  Eric Bavier
     4  Eric Brown
     1  EuAndreh
     1  Florian Pelz
     1  Giovanni Biscuolo
     9  Gábor Boskovits
     1  HiPhish
     1  Ison111
     3  Jack Hill
    10  Jan Nieuwenhuizen
     6  Jelle Licht
     4  Jonathan Brielmaier
     2  Jovany Leandro G.C
     1  Julian Graham
    95  Julien Lepiller
     2  Katherine Cox-Buday
    49  Kei Kebreau
     1  Kenny Ballou
     4  Konrad Hinsen
     9  Kyle Meyer
     4  Laura Lazzati
   157  Leo Famulari
   408  Ludovic Courtès
     4  Luther Thompson
     1  Madalin Ionel-Patrascu
     2  Manuel Graf
   610  Marius Bakke
   165  Mark H Weaver
     2  Mark Meyer
     6  Mathieu Lirzin
     8  Mathieu Othacehe
    22  Maxim Cournoyer
    47  Meiyo Peng
     1  Miguel Ángel Arruga Vivas
     4  Mădălin Ionel Patrașcu
     3  Nam Nguyen
    38  Nicolas Goaziou
     4  Nikolai Merinov
     7  Nils Gillmann
    39  Oleg Pykhalov
    22  Paul Garlick
     6  Pierre Langlois
   222  Pierre Neidhardt
    10  Pierre-Antoine Rouby
     2  Pjotr Prins
     2  Pkill -9
     2  Raphaël Mélotte
   874  Ricardo Wurmus
     1  Robin Templeton
    16  Roel Janssen
    62  Rutger Helling
     1  Sahithi Yarlagadda
     1  Sergei Trofimovich
     1  Simon Josefsson
    13  Sou Bunnbu (宋文武)
     3  Stefan Stefanović
     1  Taegil Bae
     7  Theodoros Foradis
     5  Thorsten Wilms
     8  Tim Gesthuizen
     4  Timo Eisenmann
   258  Timothy Sample
   613  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
     1  Tomáš Čech
    14  Vagrant Cascadian
     4  Vasile Dumitrascu
     4  fis trivial
     1  lakshmi
     1  nixo
    43  pimi
     1  swedebugia

Ludovic, on behalf of the Guix team.

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