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recutils 1.8 released

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: recutils 1.8 released
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2019 11:08:59 +0100
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I am happy to announce a new release of the GNU recutils, version 1.8.

The changes in this release are:

- Utilities:

  + Fix the build of readrec with recent bash headers.

- librec:

  + Fix evaluation of sexes containing #NAME expressions.
  + Make numeric results from aggregated functions signed.

- readred:

  + readrec --help now shows the help message and returns,
    instead of waiting for input.

- Emacs mode:

  + rec-mode.el now supports case-insensitive searches.
  + rec-mode.el now defines it's own faces.
  + ob-rec.el was switched to lexical binding to satisfy later
    org-mode versions.

- It is now possible to run the testsuite in parallel.

- Other fixes:

  + gnulib updated.
  + GNU/Hurd build fixed.
  + Aggregate functions now work properly in Aarch64 and powerpc.

- Internal cleanup and code factorization.
- Other bug fixes.

The release can be found in the GNU ftp:

Alternatively, will automatically
redirect to a nearby mirror.

                          About GNU recutils

GNU recutils is a set of tools and libraries to access human-editable,
text-based databases called recfiles.  The data is stored as a
sequence of records, each record containing an arbitrary number of
named fields.  Advanced capabilities usually found in other data
storage systems are supported by GNU recutils: data types, data
integrity (keys, mandatory fields, etc) as well as the ability of
records to refer to other records (sort of foreign keys).  Despite its
simplicity, recfiles can be used to store medium-sized databases.

Please see the GNU recutils homepage for more information:

Jose E. Marchesi
Frankfurt am Main
3 January 2019

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