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GNU moe 1.10 released

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: GNU moe 1.10 released
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2019 23:40:11 +0100
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I am pleased to announce the release of GNU moe 1.10.

GNU moe is a powerful, 8-bit clean, console text editor for ISO-8859 and ASCII character encodings. It has a modeless, user-friendly interface, online help, multiple windows, unlimited undo/redo capability, unlimited line length, unlimited buffers, global search/replace (on all buffers at once), block operations, automatic indentation, word wrapping, file name completion, directory browser, duplicate removal from prompt histories, delimiter matching, text conversion from/to UTF-8, romanization, etc.

Moe can easily edit thousands of files at the same time.

The homepage is at

The sources can be downloaded from or from your favorite GNU mirror.

The sha256sum is:
8cfd44ab5623ed4185ee53962b879fd9bdd18eab47bf5dd9bdb8271f1bf7d53b moe-1.10.tar.lz

This release is also GPG signed. You can download the signature by appending '.sig' to the URL. If the 'gpg --verify' command fails because you don't have the required public key, then run this command to import it:

  gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 8FE99503132D7742

Key fingerprint = 1D41 C14B 272A 2219 A739  FA4F 8FE9 9503 132D 7742

Changes in version 1.10:

  * The default right margin has been changed from 72 to 76.

* The new command 'C-o k' (capitalize words in block) has been added. It uppercases the first letter of each word and lowercases the rest.

* The new command 'C-s p' (show line position in buffer) has been added. It shows on the status line the percent position of the current line in the buffer.

* Recursive load now ignores some non-text files by extension; ".a", ".o", ".z", ".Z", ".gz", ".lz", ".mo", ".po", ".ps", ".so", ".xz", ".bz2", ".deb", ".dll", ".dvi", ".gif", ".gmo", ".ico", ".jar", ".jpg", ".pbm", ".pdf", ".pgm", ".png", ".ppm", ".rpm", ".svg", ".tar", ".tgz", ".tif", ".tlz", ".txz", ".wav", ".rpms", ".svgz".

  * Infinite replacement loops are now detected.

* 'C-q c' (exit without saving) and 'C-q x' (save and exit) now exit much faster when editing many files (thousands).

* 'C-q x' (save and exit) now does not delete any buffer handles until all modified buffers have been succesfully saved. And shows "Read only" without asking for a name if a modified unnamed read-only buffer is found.

  * The UTF-8 decoder now converts some more characters.

* Showing the contents of a directory no longer alters the position of the top line of the buffers menu.

  * The buffers menu is now shown even if there is only one buffer.

* When showing the contents of a directory, ".." is now put always first even if some file precede it in ASCIIbetical order.

* On buffers larger than 1000 lines, bookmarks 1 to 9 are now set at 10% to 90% of the buffer size in lines.

* The configure script now accepts appending options to CXXFLAGS using the syntax 'CXXFLAGS+=OPTIONS'.

Please send bug reports and suggestions to address@hidden

Antonio Diaz, GNU moe author and maintainer.

If you care about long-term archiving, please help me replace xz with lzip. See and Thanks.

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