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Texinfo 6.6 released

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Texinfo 6.6 released
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2019 18:28:37 +0000

We have released version 6.6 of Texinfo, the GNU documentation format.

This package contains tools to produce documentation in various
formats, including HTML and PDF, from source files in the Texinfo
format.  Texinfo is a text-based format with commands for marking text,
document structuring and indexing.

If automatic redirection fails, the list of mirrors is at:

Failing that, you can use the main server:

Please email any comments to address@hidden
The Texinfo web page:

List of changes:
* Language:
  . new commands @&, @ampchar{}
  . @cropmarks command removed
  . @ctrl is no longer recognised (it was a way to insert literal
    control characters in Info files, but deprecated since the
    time of Texinfo version 2)
  . \usebracesinindexestrue is no longer recommended for using braces in
    index entries, and has been a no-op for some time

* texi2any
  . extension modules fixed to work with the "thread-safe locales" of
    Perl 5.28 and newer
  . some code changed to stop warnings being given by newer versions of Perl
  . for HTML output, use `id' to define link targets instead of the `name'
    attribute on <a>
  . A native-code implementation of the Texinfo parser has been included
    on an experimental basis, which makes texi2any a lot faster.  Set the
    `TEXINFO_XS_PARSER' environment variable to 1 to use.
  . changes to HTML output:
     . omit colon after node name in menus by default (use
       `MENU_ENTRY_COLON' to add it back)
     . no special CSS for commands like @smallexample
     . new customization variable `SECTION_NAME_IN_TITLE' to use the
       section name as the document <title>
     . use section names instead of node names in generated menus
  . pass on flags set with -D to TeX
  . useless static libraries are not installed
  . the newline after an @insertcopying is not output
  . warning given for @multitable prototypes not in braces
  . @indent and @noindent are not allowed inside the arguments to
    commands where they are not meaningful
  . @quote-arg and @allow-recursion are not recognised (these two used
    to be recognised by makeinfo in macro definitions but were never
    implemented in texinfo.tex)
  . `FIX_TEXINFO' removed as a customization variable
  . do not recognise or warn about obsolete customization variables

* info
  . debugging output with -x is not diverted to a separate infodebug file

* Development:
  . switch from Subversion to git
  . automake 1.16

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