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GNU APL 1.8 Released

From: Dr . Jürgen Sauermann
Subject: GNU APL 1.8 Released
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2019 15:16:19 +0200
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I am happy to announce that GNU APL 1.8 has been released.

GNU APL is a free implementation of the ISO standard 13751 aka.
"Programming Language APL, Extended".

This release contains:

* bug fixes,
* ⎕FFT (fast fourier transforms; real, complex, and windows),
* ⎕GTK (create GUI windows from APL),
* ⎕RE (regular expressions),
* user-defined APL commands,
* an interface from Python into GNU APL.With this interface one can use
  APL's vector capabilities in programs written in Python.

Have fun!

Dr. Jürgen Sauermann
Author and Maintainer of GNU APL

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