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rush-2.0 released [stable]

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: rush-2.0 released [stable]
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2019 11:43:03 +0300


This is to announce the release of GNU rush version 2.0. This is a stable
release. Please see the end of this message for a list of noteworthy

GNU Rush is a restricted user shell, designed for sites that provide
limited non-interactive access to their resources via ssh (such as,
e.g. savannah). Its flexible configuration gives system administrators
complete control over the command lines that users execute, as well as
over the usage of system resources, such as virtual memory, CPU time, etc. 

This release features a complete rewrite of the configuration support.
It introduces a new configuration file syntax that offers a large set
of control structures and transformation instructions for handling
arbitrary requests.  Please see the documentation for details.

Backward compatibility with prior releases is retained and old
configuration syntax is still supported.  This ensures that existing
installations will remain operational without any changes.
Nevertheless, system administrators are encouraged to switch to the
new syntax as soon as possible.

Here are the compressed sources:   (1.3MB)  (1008KB)   (792KB)

Here are the GPG detached signatures[*]:

Use a mirror for higher download bandwidth:

Here are the MD5 and SHA1 checksums:

6d186fb2170a7f34acb18c68b3c8876b  rush-2.0.tar.gz
8ad21c958e2d2ea74f22505d7da6587a  rush-2.0.tar.bz2
7096bfef5fc9b2d2f0016dea60da0b2c  rush-2.0.tar.xz
223f667d47bcc17327d56cf47de86f2fb0106f2d  rush-2.0.tar.gz
6ac08e06449d02c50dc8f1d402aa1a7f069bdfc2  rush-2.0.tar.bz2
050b98aa4906372c85bb97fb94976ece240850d4  rush-2.0.tar.xz

[*] Use a .sig file to verify that the corresponding file (without the
.sig suffix) is intact.  First, be sure to download both the .sig file
and the corresponding tarball.  Then, run a command like this:

  gpg --verify rush-2.0.tar.gz.sig

If that command fails because you don't have the required public key,
then run this command to import it:

  gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 3602B07F55D0C732

and rerun the 'gpg --verify' command.

Best regards,

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