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[ANNOUNCE] nano-4.6 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] nano-4.6 is released
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2019 11:52:24 +0100
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2019.11.29 - GNU nano 4.6  "And don't you eat that yellow snow"

• The 'formatter' command has returned, bound by default to M-F.
  It allows running a syntax-specific command on the contents of
  the buffer.
• ^T will try to run 'hunspell' before 'spell', because it checks
  spellling for the locale's language and understands UTF-8.
• Multiple errors or warnings on startup will no longer slow nano
  down but will be indicated on the status bar with trailing dots.

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

A concise overview of nano's shortcut keystrokes:

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific bugs that were addressed in this release:  (restore 'formatter' command  [request])  (unneeded pause on history errors)  (resizing could misdisplay the text)  (could not rebind 'exit' in help)  ('extendsyntax' failed for 'header')  (untrue report of "Modified")  (some undos could needlessly scroll)  (opening unwritable files was slow)  (puzzling error message upon prepend)  (some linter error message wasn't red)  (menu 'all' did not include browser)  (buffer text was not reshown after help)  ('spell' is not always installable)  (^/ could not be rebound)

Changes between v4.5 and v4.6:

Jeroen Roovers (1):
      syntax: gentoo: highlight the BDEPEND variable as well

Benno Schulenberg (130):
      bindings: allow to rebind ^/, even though it is synonymous with ^_
      bindings: don't hard-bind ^H in the help viewer or the file browser
      bindings: the 'all' keyword should encompass the browser menu too
      bindings: the 'all' keyword should include the browser menu always
      build: fix compilation for --enable-tiny --enable-histories
      build: fix compilation when configured with --disable-color
      build: slightly speed up the compilation of the tiny version
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 4.6 release
      chars: add a faster version of the character-parsing function
      commands: rename 'fixer' to 'formatter', to be less misleading
      cutting: do nothing when trying to chop a word leftward at start of file
      display: do refresh the edit window when exiting from the help viewer
      docs: add a note saying that rebinding ^M or ^I is not advisable
      docs: add the M-F and M-N keystrokes to the cheatsheet
      docs: adjust the compilation instructions to two-digit version numbers
      docs: correct the description of the 'spell' menu
      docs: document the 'fixer' command, a per-syntax content arranger
      docs: mention that color rules are applied in the order they are listed
      docs: mention that 'hunspell' is now the first default spelling program
      docs: mention that the 'nopauses' option is obsolete
      docs: remove some excessive detail from the sample nanorc file
      docs: remove the note about the formatter having been removed
      feedback: say it when spell check or manipulation did not change anything
      files: distinguish between read error and write error when prepending
      files: don't mention the name of the temp file when reading goes wrong
      files: when opening a file for copying, it should NOT be created
      formatter: accept the formatted result also upon a nonzero exit status
      formatter: don't let output from the program pollute the screen
      gnulib: update to its current upstream state
      history: don't wait when there is something wrong with the history files
      linter: report it as an error when running the linting program fails
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      rcfile: allow binding also F17...F24
      rcfile: process extensions to file-matching commands straightaway
      restored feature: a per-syntax 'fixer' command that processes the buffer
      softwrap: when switching to another buffer, re-align the starting column
      speller: prefer 'hunspell' over 'spell', because it can handle UTF-8
      speller: when 'spell' is not found, try running 'hunspell -l' instead
      statusbar: show only the first error message, with dots to indicate more
      syntax: c: recognize some C++ header files by their Emacs modeline
      syntax: default: don't colorize stuff between two pairs of brackets
      syntax: html: add a formatter command, making use of 'tidy'
      syntax: html: colorize only full attributes, and colorize strings later
      syntax: javascript: colorize also special values 'null' and 'undefined'
      syntax: javascript: colorize the boolean values 'true' and 'false' too
      syntax: nanorc: colorize all arguments of 'fixer' and 'linter' as valid
      syntax: nanorc: colorize in bright red everything that is invalid
      syntax: nanorc: colorize only lowercase keywords as valid
      syntax: nanorc: colorize the 'fixer' command as valid
      syntax: ruby: colorize also lowercase global/instance variables
      syntaxes: put the 'linter' and 'formatter' commands on a separate line
      tweaks: add a helper function without the ubiquitous NULL argument
      tweaks: add a local variable, for clarity, to not preuse another one
      tweaks: add some "fall-through" comments, and reshuffle some breaks
      tweaks: add two translator hints
      tweaks: adjust the indentation after the previous change
      tweaks: adjust the indentation after the previous change
      tweaks: adjust the indentation after the previous change, and another
      tweaks: adjust two comments, to better fit the actual functions
      tweaks: avoid setting and resetting a variable when there is no need
      tweaks: avoid three unneeded calls of umask() in the normal case
      tweaks: baptize the release
      tweaks: be explicit about which program complained
      tweaks: check the return value of copy_file() also after its other uses
      tweaks: close the unused reading ends of two more output pipes
      tweaks: condense a fragment of code by making use of a helper function
      tweaks: condense or improve some comments
      tweaks: condense two comments, and rename two parameters
      tweaks: condense two comments, and rewrap a line
      tweaks: correct a comment, and retype a variable
      tweaks: die on an impossible condition -- to be removed later
      tweaks: don't do in the parent something that only the child needs
      tweaks: don't wrap calls of statusline() that slightly overshoot 80 cols
      tweaks: drop the unneeded closing of descriptors when exiting anyway
      tweaks: elide a duplicate opening of the existing file when prepending
      tweaks: elide a function call for the plain ASCII case
      tweaks: elide another two calls of umask(), and rename two variables
      tweaks: elide an unneeded and leaky function
      tweaks: elide an unneeded check when making a backup
      tweaks: elide a variable, and add a condition to elide an assignment
      tweaks: elide a variable that is the same as another
      tweaks: exclude two fragments of code from the tiny version
      tweaks: fuse two regexes into one
      tweaks: group the closing of descriptors together, for compactness
      tweaks: group the closing of two descriptors, and reword two comments
      tweaks: harmonize a message with another
      tweaks: improve some comments, and trim some repetitive ones
      tweaks: make a function do a check so its calls don't need to
      tweaks: mark two strings for translation
      tweaks: move a call of umask() closer to where it is relevant
      tweaks: move two functions to after the one that they make use of
      tweaks: normalize the indentation after the previous change
      tweaks: order two functions more sensibly
      tweaks: pass an empty string as an answer instead of a NULL pointer
      tweaks: pass an empty string for copying instead of a non-existent one
      tweaks: pass any special undo/redo messages to the add_undo() function
      tweaks: remove a pointless updating of the title bar
      tweaks: remove a redundant check for an existing emergency file
      tweaks: remove the superfluous closing of a file descriptor
      tweaks: remove two pointless re-inclusion guards
      tweaks: remove two superfluous conditions when prepending
      tweaks: rename a function and add a parameter, so it becomes more general
      tweaks: rename a function, and elide a parameter that is always NULL
      tweaks: rename a function and elide its first parameter
      tweaks: rename a local variable, to not shadow another
      tweaks: rename a variable, to be a bit more fitting
      tweaks: rename a variable, to be distinct and visible
      tweaks: rename three variables, and reshuffle some lines
      tweaks: rename three variables, to be consistent with other linestructs
      tweaks: rename three variables, to be more descriptive
      tweaks: rename three variables, to match others elsewhere
      tweaks: rename two parameters, for contrast and to match others
      tweaks: rename two parameters plus a variable, to match others
      tweaks: rename two variables, and add a third, for more contrast
      tweaks: reshuffle a few declarations, and reduce the scope of one
      tweaks: reshuffle a fragment of code into two alternatives
      tweaks: reshuffle an 'if' to avoid a negation, and improve a comment
      tweaks: reshuffle some declarations, and rename a variable
      tweaks: reword an undo/redo string that was overlooked during the rename
      tweaks: silence a warning when configured with --enable-tiny
      tweaks: simplify the opening of files when prepending
      tweaks: slightly reword some fragments in the manual's rebinding section
      tweaks: use a better variable name for the argument of an option
      tweaks: use a literal NULL instead of a variable that is NULL
      tweaks: use a simpler positive/negative check for after copy_file()
      tweaks: use a string-copy function that checks for out-of-memory
      tweaks: use the given string instead of the found match, for clarity
      undo: don't try to copy a string that doesn't exist
      undo: put the cursor back on the original row for a full-buffer operation
      utils: don't accept NULL for the string to be copied



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