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GNU-FSF cooperation update

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: GNU-FSF cooperation update
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2020 15:15:00 -0500

The Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project leadership are defining how 
these two separate groups cooperate. Our mutual aim is to work together as 
peers, while minimizing change in the practical aspects of this cooperation, so 
we can advance in our common free software mission.

Alex Oliva, Henry Poole and John Sullivan ([board members or officers of the 
FSF][1]), and Richard Stallman (head of the GNU Project), have been meeting to 
develop a general framework which will serve as the foundation for further 
discussion about specific areas of cooperation. Together we have been 
considering the input received from the public on [address@hidden][2] and 
[address@hidden][3]. We urge people to send any further input by February 13, 
because we expect to finish this framework soon.

This joint announcement can also be read on

Dr Richard Stallman
Chief GNUisance of the GNU Project (
Founder, Free Software Foundation (
Internet Hall-of-Famer (

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