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[ANNOUNCE] nano-4.9 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] nano-4.9 is released
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 11:47:16 +0100
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2020.03.24 - GNU nano 4.9  "die fetten Jahre sind vorbei"

• When justifying a selection, the new paragraph and the
  succeeding one get the appropriate first-line indent.
• Trying to justify an empty selection does not crash.
• Redoing the insertion of an empty file does not crash.
• On the BSDs and macOS, ^H has become rebindable again
  (in most terminal emulators, not on the console).
• DOS line endings in nanorc files are accepted.
• Option --suspend / 'set suspend' has been renamed to
  the more logical --suspendable / 'set suspendable'.

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

A concise overview of nano's shortcut keystrokes:

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific issues that were addressed in this release:  (trailing blanks after justification)  (copy first-line indent  [request])  (possible mistaken first-line indent)  (accept nanorc in DOS format  [request])  (useless buffer when honoring lock file)  (wrong character count after M-V)  (remaining tail line after undo)  (wrong count after undoing hardwrap)  (unwanted jumpy scroll with softwrap)  (^K did not cut penultimate line)  (M-T could cut emptiness at EOF)  (missing feedback with --tempfile)  (*crash* when redoing empty insertion)  (filtering could filter too much)  (use of some uninitialized memory)  (another use of uninitialized memory)  (nanorc allowed some empty regexes)  (start= without end= was stored anyway)  (poorly placed cursor upon some redos)  (*crash* when justifying empty region)  (backward selection not always retained)  (out-of-bounds access when justifying)  (succeeding indentation could be wrong)  (rebinding ^H on macOS did not work)  (possible miswrapping for small widths)  (unwanted linefeed in help text)  (help text could scroll horizontally)  (misplaced "[" with softwrap)  (no title bar in Korean locale)  (LF was ignored in bracketed paste)

Changes between v4.8 and v4.9:

Saagar Jha (1):
      rcfile: fix an out-of-bounds read on empty lines

Neal Gompa (1):
      syntax: spec: add some keywords that were added in RPM 4.15 and 4.13

Benno Schulenberg (210):
      bindings: remove the translation of ^H to Backspace on the BSDs
      build: fix compilation for --enable-tiny --enable-justify
      build: restore non-UTF8 fallbacks, to allow compiling with --disable-utf8
      build: update the conditional placement of the "Go To Line" menu item
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 4.9 release
      chars: optimize a function for the most common blanks: space and tab
      copyright: update to the current year for significantly changed files
      cutting: let M-T cut a trailing empty line, but not nothing at all
      cutting: with --cutfromcursor, allow ^K to cut the penultimate empty line
      display: do not show a "[" double-width placeholder when softwrapping
      display: keep the help items aligned, by not writing too many characters
      docs: improve the descriptions of --softwrap and 'set softwrap'
      docs: mark bracketed pasting as done in the TODO list
      docs: mention that ^[ (Esc) is unbindable, and explain why
      docs: remove the note saying that nanorc files must be in Unix format
      docs: trim some TODO items, and condense several others
      docs: update the form of an option, --suspendable / 'set suspendable'
      docs: update the missed occurrences of --suspendable / 'set suspendable'
      feedback: give a clearer message when trying to justify an empty region
      feedback: make sure that a later message can overwrite a short warning
      files: be consistent in which code means "New File"
      files: don't check uninitialized memory when writing new file  [valgrind]
      files: when piping, always pipe whatever was cut to the external command
      gnulib: update to its current upstream state
      help: do not break a line inside the 17-column keystrokes area
      help: increase the minimum help-text width from 32 to 40 columns
      input: accommodate silly emulators that have LF instead of CR in a paste
      input: after reallocating a string, do not write to its old address
      input: allocate sufficient bytes for entering a Unicode codepoint
      input: keep a multibyte character together during verbatim entry
      justify: do not copy too many bytes when trimming leading whitespace
      justify: do not crash when the user attempts to justify an empty region
      justify: do not take an empty line as template for first-line indentation
      justify: give the first line of a marked region its proper indentation
      justify: never break a line in leading whitespace
      justify: restore a region properly when it was marked backwards
      justify: skip over blanks after the region, to not skew the indentation
      justify: skip over in-line whitespace only, not over leading whitespace
      justify: trim prefixed whitespace when justifying a marked region
      justify: trim the leading blanks of a marked region at the right moment
      justify: when appropriate, move end point of marked region forward
      justify: when the cursor is at the left edge, keep it there
      locking: do not open an empty buffer when respecting the first lock file
      moving: do not put the cursor at end-of-line when in a help text
      options: rename --suspend to --suspendable, to make more sense
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      prompt: insert a burst of bytes in one go instead of characterwise
      rcfile: allow alternate line endings in nanorc files
      rcfile: do not allow a regex for name, header, or magic to be empty
      rcfile: don't store a coloring rule before it is complete
      rcfile: rename bindable function 'suspendenable' to 'suspendable'
      rcfile: when a start= is not matched with an end=, abandon the whole rule
      rcfile: when finding a mistake, skip the rest of the line
      shutdown: don't refer to an open file when there aren't any
      softwrap: when typing goes beyond the bottom row, scroll just one row
      syntax: nanorc: colorize 'rawsequences', not the obsolete 'rebindkeypad'
      syntax: spec: add two missing % signs, and colorize also "%triggerprein"
      syntax: spec: colorize the date and author of changelog items differently
      syntax: spec: drop invalid parentheses after "Summary"
      tweaks: abort in three situations that should never occur
      tweaks: add a COUPLE_END undo item a bit later, instead of updating it
      tweaks: add a different helping variable
      tweaks: add a supporting variable, in order to condense some statements
      tweaks: add calls of die() for five theoretical programming mistakes
      tweaks: adjust some whitespace, reshuffle two ifs, and remove two braces
      tweaks: adjust the indentation after the previous change
      tweaks: always determine the second lead, to simplify the rewrap call
      tweaks: avoid a complaint about uninitialized memory  [valgrind]
      tweaks: call add_undo() before the character is actually added
      tweaks: change a function to return the name of the lock file on success
      tweaks: change a function with two possible results to boolean
      tweaks: change an integer to a short, and reshuffle it for better packing
      tweaks: change another function with two possible results to boolean
      tweaks: check for a starting quote in one place instead of three
      tweaks: combine two ifs into one
      tweaks: condense a comment, reshuffle conditions, and remove unwanted one
      tweaks: condense a fragment of code
      tweaks: condense two fragments of code
      tweaks: convert integers to bytes in one place instead of two
      tweaks: copy and store a deleted character in a conciser manner
      tweaks: correct a typo, improve two indentations, and rewrap a line
      tweaks: correct two typos in a changelog, and drop a doubled word
      tweaks: create an undo item earlier, and discard it when needed
      tweaks: don't bother reallocating the line data when undoing a line join
      tweaks: do some text alignments properly: with spaces, not tabs
      tweaks: drop a check for something that will not occur
      tweaks: drop two comments that contain variable names
      tweaks: elide a function call, by copying a byte directly
      tweaks: elide an intermediate copy of a character during injection, twice
      tweaks: elide an intermediate copy of an added character
      tweaks: elide a parameter, and rename a variable
      tweaks: elide a supporting variable, to make four loops slightly faster
      tweaks: elide a variable and an unneeded iteration
      tweaks: elide one variable and three gotos
      tweaks: elide three unneeded #defines
      tweaks: elide two variables and their two assignments
      tweaks: exclude a function when compiled without spell-checking support
      tweaks: extend the undo data for deleting and backspacing more directly
      tweaks: factor out a three-line condition into a separate function
      tweaks: frob a statement, rewrap two lines, and remove a pair of braces
      tweaks: frob two statements, condense another, and add a comment
      tweaks: highlight keystrokes in the documentation more consistently
      tweaks: improve four comments, and condense two fragments of code
      tweaks: improve three comments, and reshuffle two declarations
      tweaks: improve two comments
      tweaks: improve two comments, and remove an unneeded one
      tweaks: inject the entire burst of bytes at once into the edit buffer
      tweaks: instead of swapping the end points later, assign them correctly
      tweaks: invert the logic of a symbol, to make more sense
      tweaks: make prompt-bar input more similar to edit-buffer input
      tweaks: make two conditions more direct, and thus elide two functions
      tweaks: mesh two bits of code together
      tweaks: move a function to after the one that it calls
      tweaks: move a function to before the one that calls it
      tweaks: move a function to before the one that calls it
      tweaks: move a function to its proper place in the order of things
      tweaks: move a function to where it is used
      tweaks: move another function to where it is used
      tweaks: move some definitions closer to where they are used
      tweaks: move two functions to before the ones that call them
      tweaks: normalize a translator hint, update one, and add another
      tweaks: normalize the indentation after the previous change
      tweaks: normalize the indentation after the previous change
      tweaks: normalize the indentation after the previous two changes
      tweaks: pull the NUL-terminating of a string into a function
      tweaks: rearrange a case item, so that PASTE is always after CUT
      tweaks: rearrange some conditions, for compactness
      tweaks: relocate a function to before its callers
      tweaks: relocate eleven functions to before they are called
      tweaks: remove a now-unused helper function
      tweaks: remove an unneeded indirection
      tweaks: remove a redundant assignment
      tweaks: remove a redundant statement, a spurious reference to 'cutbottom'
      tweaks: remove a superfluous assignment, and reshuffle a call
      tweaks: remove non-UTF-8 code from three more functions
      tweaks: remove some redundant filtering, and thus elide a parameter
      tweaks: remove some unneeded braces, not used elsewhere either
      tweaks: remove two redundant case labels
      tweaks: remove two superfluous checks
      tweaks: remove two superfluous conditions
      tweaks: rename a constant, and rename and relocate a function
      tweaks: rename a function, and condense a few comments
      tweaks: rename a function, and split a variable into two separate ones
      tweaks: rename a function, to be more fitting, and improve some comments
      tweaks: rename a function, to remove an obscuring abbreviation
      tweaks: rename another function, to remove the obscuring abbreviation
      tweaks: rename a parameter and a variable, and reword two comments
      tweaks: rename a symbol, to match the corresponding renamed option
      tweaks: rename a variable, and add a helping one
      tweaks: rename a variable, and reshuffle a declaration
      tweaks: rename a variable, away from a single letter
      tweaks: rename a variable, away from a single letter
      tweaks: rename a variable, for aptness
      tweaks: rename a variable, reshuffle an assignment, and change a code
      tweaks: rename a variable, to be a bit clearer
      tweaks: rename a variable, to get out of the way of a later rename
      tweaks: rename a variable, to not be a substring of a function name
      tweaks: rename four more functions, to get rid of an abbreviation
      tweaks: rename four parameters, to be more distinct and telling
      tweaks: rename four variables, to be a bit more telling
      tweaks: rename to the same name two variables that have the same role
      tweaks: rename two elements of an undo record, to be more telling
      tweaks: rename two functions, for shortness
      tweaks: rename two functions, to match the style of others
      tweaks: rename two more elements of an undo record, for symmetry
      tweaks: rename two more functions, to match the style of others
      tweaks: rename two more variables, to harmonize with two others
      tweaks: rename two parameters, to not overlap with other names
      tweaks: rename two symbols, to be more precise
      tweaks: rename two variables, and frob four comments
      tweaks: rename two variables, and reshuffle a few things
      tweaks: rename two variables, for distinctiveness
      tweaks: rename two variables, to be different or for more contrast
      tweaks: rename two variables, to harmonize with two others
      tweaks: rename two variables, to suit both the marked and unmarked case
      tweaks: reorder a case item, to have SPLIT_BEGIN always before SPLIT_END
      tweaks: reshuffle a condition, for compacter code
      tweaks: reshuffle a condition, for compactness
      tweaks: reshuffle a few declarations and assignments
      tweaks: reshuffle an assignment and a free()
      tweaks: reshuffle some code, in preparation for improving it
      tweaks: reshuffle some stuff, to have related things together
      tweaks: reshuffle the setting of the starting point of a cut
      tweaks: reshuffle the trimming of leading whitespace, for compactness
      tweaks: reshuffle two declarations plus a fragment of code
      tweaks: simplify the undoing and redoing of an <Enter>
      tweaks: strip a parameter that is equivalent to 'openfile' for both calls
      tweaks: strip a parameter that is TRUE for both calls
      tweaks: swap the use of 'head' and 'tail' for CUT and PASTE undo items
      tweaks: trim an unnecessary detail from an error message
      tweaks: unabbreviate the name of a variable
      tweaks: unwrap four lines, and use explicit codes where possible
      tweaks: update several comments after the previous changes
      tweaks: update some comments after the previous changes
      tweaks: use a symbol instead of a number, and drop two unneeded casts
      tweaks: use spaces when aligning things, not tabs
      tweaks: use the variable that suits 'END' better
      tweaks: weld two fragments together, twice, by eliding an unneeded 'if'
      tweaks: when appropriate, move starting point of justified region back
      tweaks: when extending the marked region, include also exotic blanks
      tweaks: when undoing an addition or redoing a deletion, do not reallocate
      undo: do not mark the buffer as modified when pasting back nothing
      undo: do not try to copy a cutbuffer that is NULL
      undo: do not try to paste back an empty cutbuffer
      undo: for an automatic hard-wrap, store the correct previous buffer size
      undo: store the cursor row, for redoing filtering & justification better
      undo: treat a cut-until-end-of-buffer like a backward marked region
      undo: use the correct original fusion point when unjoining two lines
      undo: when undoing a paste or an insertion, remove an added magic line
      usage: improve the description of --softwrap



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