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GNU Gama 2.10 released

From: Petra Millarova
Subject: GNU Gama 2.10 released
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2020 14:41:15 -0400
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We are pleased to announce the release of GNU Gama 2.10!

One major update that is visible to the end users is the change in the
'update_constrained_coordinates' parameter. This parameter was
deprecated in 2.09 and has now been completely removed.

Another big change is the addition of output in GNU Octave format.
The GNU Octave *.m output file contains adjustment results from
gama-local, in matrix format that includes the following sections:

* General adjustment parameters - number of squares, observations,
  sum of squares, etc.

* IDs and coordinates of fixed points

* Information about the adjustment - adjusted and constrained
  coordinates, their indexes and covariances. Observation
  covariances and weight matrix and equation system matrices.
The main motivation for introducing GNU Octave output was to have an
experimental tool for computation of statistical parameters that are not
directly available in gama-local (e.g. reliability matrix).

GNU Octave output defines an explicit set of conditions to calculate the
adjustment of free networks (networks with a singular project equation
system). The differences between coordinates are tested with a tolerance
of 1e-3 millimeters.
This criterion may fail for poorly conditioned systems (typically
networks with a "bad"configuration).

Syntax of the GNU Octave .m output was tested for compatibility with
MATLAB R2013b (


GNU Gama package is dedicated to adjustment of geodetic networks. It is
intended for use with traditional geodetic surveyings which are still
used and needed in special measurements (e.g., underground or high
precision engineering measurements) where the Global Positioning System
(GPS) cannot be used.
Adjustment in local coordinate systems is fully supported by a
command-line program gama-local that adjusts geodetic (free) networks of
observed distances, directions, angles, height differences, 3D vectors
and observed coordinates (coordinates with given variance-covariance
matrix). Adjustment in global coordinate systems is supported only
partly as a gama-g3 program.

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