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[ANNOUNCE] nano-5.8 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] nano-5.8 is released
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2021 10:41:43 +0200
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2021.06.15 - GNU nano 5.8  "Why is it necessary to be special?"

• After a search, the spotlighting is dropped after 1.5 seconds (0.8
  seconds with --quick) to avoid the idea that the text is selected.
• A + and a space before a filename on the command line will put the
  cursor at the end of the corresponding buffer.
• Linter messages no longer include filename and line/column numbers.
• Color name "grey" or "gray" can be used instead of "lightblack".
• The color of the minibar can be chosen with 'set minicolor'.

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

A concise overview of nano's shortcut keystrokes:

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific issues that were addressed in this release:  (^/ looks better than ^_)  (resizing during linter run crashed)  (poor behavior on one-row terminal)  (memory leak for automatic wrap)  (wrong file size after automatic wrap)  (searching had "undefined behavior")  (new file was wrongly tagged as "Mac")  (let a bare + mean "at EOF"  [wish])  (stray letters after + were accepted)  (+?string said "Search Wrapped")  ("lightnormal" was accepted)  ("lightlime" was colored as valid)  (heap buffer overflow on toggling pipe)  (Execute was inaccessible with CUA)

Changes between v5.7 and v5.8:

Hussam al-Homsi (1):
      bindings: allow copying text (with M-6) also when in view mode

Benno Schulenberg (56):
      bindings: show either "^/" or "^-" in the help lines, instead of "^_"
      build: commit the LINGUAS file too while rolling a release
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 5.8 release
      display: when a message gets overwritten, note that it is cleared
      docs: add a relevant item to the news for the 4.3 release
      docs: add example bindings for uppercasing and lowercasing a word
      docs: improve the contact info and some line spacing in the PDF
      docs: make ^E access the Execute menu in the example CUA bindings
      docs: mention that "grey"/"gray" may be used as a synonym of "lightblack"
      docs: mention the new 'set minicolor' option
      docs: say thanks to the Icelandic and Slovak translators
      feedback: ensure that the reporting of DOS/Mac format is truthful
      gnulib: update to its current upstream state
      help: use smaller triangles for the arrows
      linter: block the resizing signal while reading output from the linter
      linter: strip filename and line plus column number from the message
      memory: move the correct number of bytes, and not one too many
      memory: prevent a leak when copying the leading quoting to the next line
      minibar: stay out of sight when the terminal has just one row
      options: accept 'set minicolor' for setting the color of the minibar
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      rcfile: allow using "grey" or "gray" as a synonym for "lightblack"
      rcfile: do not allow color name "normal" to have a prefix
      replacing: report the number of replacements also on a one-row terminal
      search: automatically drop the spotlighting after a few moments
      search: show "This is the only occurrence" also on a one-row terminal
      startup: allow using a bare "+" to mean put-cursor-on-last-line
      startup: do not accept stray characters after a "+" on the command line
      startup: skip drawing edit window when having message on one-row terminal
      startup: suppress "Search Wrapped" when using +? to search from EOF
      statusbar: ensure that "No further matches" does not get overwritten
      statusbar: on a one-row terminal, drop light messages after a few moments
      statusbar: suppress --constantshow when the terminal has just one row
      statusbar: suppress the cursor when the terminal has just one row
      syntax: nanohelp: avoid colorizing M-) in (M-) and M-" in "M-"
      syntax: nanorc: colorize "light" as valid only for the eight basic colors
      syntax: nanorc: colorize literal control codes, to make them stand out
      syntax: php: colorize the full short tag for echo (<?=)
      tweaks: avoid a compiler warning when configured with --enable-tiny
      tweaks: avoid the subtraction of two size_t variables becoming negative
      tweaks: condense and correct a comment, and move another
      tweaks: condense some code by putting all color names in a single array
      tweaks: drop an assignment that is already part of the called function
      tweaks: frob some whitespace, and rewrap a line
      tweaks: improve a comment, remove unneeded braces, reshuffle some lines
      tweaks: normalize the indentation after the previous change
      tweaks: prevent two more size_t subtractions from going negative
      tweaks: redraw only the affected line instead of doing a full refresh
      tweaks: remove a check that has become superfluous
      tweaks: remove a check that is not needed
      tweaks: rename a variable, for contrast with the function name
      tweaks: rename two functions, to get rid of an ugly _void suffix
      tweaks: reshuffle the coloring of color names, to remove some duplication
      tweaks: use a symbol instead of a hard-coded number
      tweaks: use two symbolic names instead of TRUE and FALSE, for clarity
      wrapping: when copying the quoting part, adjust the file size accordingly



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