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[ANNOUNCE] nano-7.0 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] nano-7.0 is released
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2022 12:15:31 +0100
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2022.11.15 - GNU nano 7.0  "Una existencia simple bajo el sol"

• String binds may contain bindable function names between braces.
  For example, to move the current line down to after the next one:
  bind ^D "{cut}{down}{paste}{up}" main.  Of course, braced function
  names may be mixed with literal text.  If an existing string bind
  contains a literal {, replace it with {{}.
• Unicode codes can be entered (via M-V) without leading zeroes,
  by finishing short codes with <Space> or <Enter>.
• Word completion (^]) looks for candidates in all open buffers.
• No regular expression matches the final empty line any more.

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

A concise overview of nano's shortcut keystrokes:

The tarball and its signature are here:
  (Signed with new key: 168E6F4297BFD7A79AFD4496514BBE2EB8E1961F.)

Specific issues that were addressed in this release:  (allow excluding linter  [wish])  (complete from all buffers  [wish])  (bind sequence of functions  [wish])  (misplaced cursor with --line)  (use-after-free with --softwrap)  (flickering for M-U with --zero)  (tiny leak for wrong string bind)  (how to put quote+blank in a regex)  (column number alone should not center)  (quicker entry of Unicode  [wish])  (no regex should match final line)  (Unicode error lacked with --zero)  (Unicode input was not mentioned)  (NULs were not decoded when piping)  (reading stdin hung without a dash)  (no message when piping failed)  (external command could seem to hang)  (+c/ did not complain)  (+/string did not always center)

Changes between v6.4 and v7.0:

Benno Schulenberg (95):
      build: add options --disable-formatter and --disable-linter to configure
      build: exclude some pieces that are not needed with --disable-nanorc
      build: exclude two unneeded functions correctly from the tiny version
      build: fix compilation when configured with --enable-tiny
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 7.0 release
      completion: search through all open buffers for possible completions
      docs: clarify the distinction between binding a function and "{function}"
      docs: describe --disable-formatter and --disable-linter configure options
      docs: explain how to include a double quote plus space in a nanorc regex
      docs: improve the legibility of an itemized list
      docs: mention in the man page how M-V can insert any Unicode code point
      docs: mention that string binds may contain function names between braces
      docs: replace control codes in the examples with {command} cartouches
      docs: suggest a key binding for snipping trailing blanks
      execute: show "Cancelled" instead of "Error" when the user hits ^C
      extra: use the whole terminal for the crawl, and quicken it a bit
      feedback: suppress undo/redo messages when option --zero is in effect
      files: before sending data to an external command, decode LF back to NUL
      files: improve the error handling when executing an external command
      filtering: terminate also the sender process when the user hits ^C
      filtering: when returning to a line number, ensure it is within range
      gnulib: update to its current upstream state
      goto: don't center the current line when the user specified a column only
      help: don't show the New-Buffer toggle when in view mode
      help: move the M-Del item up, so that M-PgUp and M-PgDn are paired
      help: prioritize the unshifted Meta keystrokes for buffer switching
      input: allocate a small keystroke buffer, and never free it
      input: allocate two small character buffers too, and never free them
      input: give up when the capacity of the keystroke buffer overflows
      input: interpret commands of the form {functionname} inside string binds
      memory: avoid a leak when a string bind specifies an unknown menu
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      prompt: allow rebinding also ^N, ^Q, and ^Y at the yes-no prompt
      prompt: ingest queued characters before handling any subsequent function
      prompt: prevent execution of inadmissible functions in view mode
      prompt: return FALSE for non-editing functions also in the tiny version
      prompt: toggle the help lines only for the 'nohelp' toggle
      search: skip a match on the magic line, as it is a just convenience line
      startup: ensure that +/string centers the match also with --linenumbers
      startup: for +/string, center the found occurrence when possible
      startup: quit when standard input is not a TTY (after handling arguments)
      startup: report an empty search string also when there is a modifier
      syntax: nanorc: colorize valid function names plus surrounding braces
      tweaks: add parentheses for consistency, and reshuffle for conciseness
      tweaks: allow the linter to be used in view mode, as it makes no changes
      tweaks: attribute some of the features that were added in the last years
      tweaks: avoid iterating over the same string twice in a row
      tweaks: avoid sometimes calling a function three times in a row
      tweaks: check the multiline regexes only for Delete and Backspace
      tweaks: condense a comment, add two small ones, and reshuffle a line
      tweaks: delete a flag that is no longer used
      tweaks: determine in another way whether a shortcut is okay in view mode
      tweaks: discard a bracketed paste in the browser more efficiently
      tweaks: don't use a pointer when the value itself is all that is needed
      tweaks: drop an unneeded check for permissibility of prompt shortcuts
      tweaks: drop a parameter that is no longer used
      tweaks: drop shunting of flags by calling the needed function directly
      tweaks: elide a function that does not need to be a separate function
      tweaks: elide an assignment by iterating with the target variable
      tweaks: elide an intermediary variable that is no longer needed
      tweaks: elide an unused parameter
      tweaks: elide an unused return value
      tweaks: elide a parameter by moving the general case one level up
      tweaks: elide a variable, rename another, and reshuffle an assignment
      tweaks: fold two cases together, because they basically do the same
      tweaks: group the special keycodes for implanted strings together
      tweaks: improve two comments, and exclude two unneeded prototypes
      tweaks: make the crawl use the whole screen also in the tiny version
      tweaks: make two error messages more succinct and easier to translate
      tweaks: move the arrays of menu names and symbols to where they are used
      tweaks: move the --magic option up, so that --zero comes last
      tweaks: move to a given line number more efficiently
      tweaks: move two checks plus corresponding calls to a better place
      tweaks: normalize the indentation after the previous change
      tweaks: reduce four variations of a message to a single common form
      tweaks: rename a macro for clarity, and normalize some indentation
      tweaks: rename a variable, away from an abbreviation
      tweaks: rename two record elements and three parameters, for clarity
      tweaks: replace sizeof(char) with 1, as that is assumed anyway
      tweaks: reshuffle a declaration, and correct the wording of a comment
      tweaks: reshuffle a line, to group things better
      tweaks: reshuffle some code and drop some comments, for conciseness
      tweaks: reshuffle some code, to not determine a shortcut twice
      tweaks: reshuffle some lines, to be more readable instead of compact
      tweaks: reshuffle two lines, for conciseness and in preparation
      tweaks: reword and/or condense four comments
      tweaks: rewrap line, improve wording, and correct typo in old news item
      tweaks: rewrap some lines, drop a redundant call, and reshuffle a line
      tweaks: simplify a function now that a Unicode code can be typed quicker
      tweaks: simplify a pasting routine, modelling it after the injection one
      tweaks: use an auxiliary variable to avoid dereferences of 'shortcut'
      undo: make sure the current line is defined before it is referenced
      verbatim: allow the user to finish Unicode input with <Enter> or <Space>
      verbatim: do not overwrite the status bar when the code is invalid
      verbatim: don't show dots during Unicode input, as they give wrong idea



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