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GDB 14.2 released!

From: Joel Brobecker
Subject: GDB 14.2 released!
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2024 10:44:29 +0400 (+04)

            GDB 14.2 released!

Release 14.2 of GDB, the GNU Debugger, is now available.  GDB is
a source-level debugger for Ada, C, C++, Fortran, Go, Rust, and many
other languages.  GDB can target (i.e., debug programs running on)
more than a dozen different processor architectures, and GDB itself
can run on most popular GNU/Linux, Unix and Microsoft Windows variants.
GDB is free (libre) software.

You can download GDB from the GNU HTTPS server in the directory:;O=D

The vital stats:

  Size   sha256sum                                                         Name
  23MiB  2d4dd8061d8ded12b6c63f55e45344881e8226105f4d2a9b234040efa5ce7772  
  40MiB  2de5174762e959a5e529e20c20d88a04735469d8fffd98f61664e70b341dc47c  

There is a web page for GDB at:

That page includes information about GDB mailing lists (an announcement
mailing list, developers discussion lists, etc.), details on how to
access GDB's source repository, locations for development snapshots,
preformatted documentation, and links to related information around
the net.  We will put errata notes and host-specific tips for this release
on-line as any problems come up.  All mailing lists archives are also
browsable via the web.

GDB 14.2 brings the following fixes and enhancements over GDB 14.1:

* PR symtab/31112 (DLL export forwarding is broken)

* PR c++/31128 (gdb crashes when trying to print a global variable stub without 
a running inferior)

* PR tdep/31254 ([gdb/tdep, arm] FAIL: gdb.threads/staticthreads.exp: up 10)

* PR gdb/31256 (Crash with basic 'list .')

* PR python/31366 (Frame.static_link() segfaults)

GDB 14.1 includes the following changes and enhancements:

* Removed features, removed configurations:

  ** GDB no longer support AiX 4.x, 5.x and 6.x. The minimum version
     supported is AiX 7.1.

  ** GDB/MI version 1 support has been removed

* Initial built-in support for Debugger Adapter Protocol (DAP)

* GDB now recognizes the NO_COLOR environment variable

* Initial support for integer types larger than 64 bits

* Breakpoints can now be inferior-specific

* New convenience function "$_shell", to execute a shell command and
  return its result.

* Python support

  ** New class gdb.Thread

  ** New class gdb.unwinder.FrameId

  ** New class gdb.ValuePrinter

  ** New gdb.Inferior.arguments attribute, holding the command-line
     arguments to the inferior, if known

  ** New gdb.Inferior.main_name attribute, holding the name of
     the inferior's 'main', if known.

  ** New gdb.Breakpoint.inferior attribute

  ** New gdb.Progspace.symbol_file attribute

  ** New gdb.Progspace.executable_filename attribute

  ** New function gdb.execute_mi(COMMAND, [ARG]...)

  ** New function gdb.block_signals()

  ** New method gdb.Frame.static_link

  ** New gdb.Inferior 'clear_env', 'set_env' and 'unset_env' methods

  ** New gdb.Type now has the 'is_array_like' and 'is_string_like'

  ** New gdb.Value 'assign' method

  ** New gdb.Value 'to_array' method

  ** New gdb.Progspace 'objfile_for_address' method

  ** New methods added to the gdb.PendingFrame class, with behavior
     which is the same as the corresponding methods on gdb.Frame.

  ** gdb.LazyString now implements the __str__ method

  ** New event gdb.ThreadExitedEvent

  ** New event gdb.ExecutableChangedEvent

  ** New event gdb.NewProgspaceEvent

  ** New event gdb.FreeProgspaceEvent

  ** The frame-id passed to gdb.PendingFrame.create_unwind_info
     now use either an integer or a gdb.Value object for each of its
     'sp', 'pc', and 'special' attributes.

  ** The Disassembler API from the gdb.disassembler module has been
     extended to include styling support

  ** gdb.parse_and_eval now has a new "global_context" parameter,
     allowing the request to only examine global symbols.

  ** The name argument passed to gdb.unwinder.Unwinder.__init__ must
     now be of type 'str' otherwise a TypeError will be raised.

  ** The gdb.unwinder.Unwinder.enabled attribute can now only accept
      values of type 'bool'.  Changing this attribute will now
      invalidate GDB's frame-cache.

  ** It is now no longer possible to sub-class the
     gdb.disassembler.DisassemblerResult type.

* Remote protocol

  ** Support for enabling or disabling individual remote target features

* GDB/MI support

  ** New 'no-history' stop reason

  ** Support for inferior-specific breakpoints

  ** The bkpt tuple, which appears in breakpoint-created notifications,
     and in the result of the -break-insert command can now include an
     optional 'inferior' field for both the main breakpoint, and each
     location, when the breakpoint is inferior-specific.

  ** Trying to create a thread-specific breakpoint using a non-existent
     thread ID now results in an error

  ** New "simple-values-ref-types" -list-feature value indicating how
     the --simple-values option in various commands take reference types
     into account.

* Enhanced AArch64 support

  ** Initial support for Scalable Matrix Extension (SME) and for Scalable
     Matrix Extension 2 (SME2)

  ** The 'org.gnu.gdb.aarch64.pauth' Pointer Authentication feature
     is now deprecated in favor of the 'org.gnu.gdb.aarch64.pauth_v2'
     feature string

* Enhanced Ada support

  ** Support for the Ada 2022 target name symbol ('@')

  ** Support for the The Ada 2022 'Enum_Rep and 'Enum_Val attributes

* Miscellaneous

  ** The 'list' command now accepts '.' as an argument, telling GDB
     to print the location around the point of execution within
     the current frame

  ** New '%V' output format for printf and dprintf commands.

  ** The printf command now limits the size of strings fetched from
     the inferior to the value of the 'max-value-size' setting.

  ** Support for extending at configure time the default value of
     the 'debug-file-directory' GDB parameter via the new
     --additional-debug-dirs=PATHs configure option.

  ** New command "info main"

  ** New command "set tui mouse-events [on|off]" (on by default)

  ** New command "set always-read-ctf on|off" (off by default)

  ** Various new debug and maitenance commands

For a complete list and more details on each item, please see the gdb/NEWS
file, available at:;a=blob_plain;f=gdb/NEWS;hb=gdb-14.2-release

Joel Brobecker

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