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[ANNOUNCE] nano-8.0 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] nano-8.0 is released
Date: Wed, 1 May 2024 11:23:03 +0200
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2024.05.01 - GNU nano 8.0  "Grus grus"

• By default ^F is bound to starting a forward search, and ^B to
  starting a backward search, while M-F and M-B repeat the search
  in the corresponding direction.  (See the documentation if you
  want the old bindings back.)
• Command-line option --modernbindings (-/) makes ^Q quit, ^X cut,
  ^C copy, ^V paste, ^Z undo, ^Y redo, ^O open a file, ^W write a
  file, ^R replace, ^G find again, ^D find again backwards, ^A set
  the mark, ^T jump to a line, ^P show the position, and ^E execute.
• Above modern bindings are activated also when the name of nano's
  executable (or a symlink to it) starts with the letter "e".
• To open a file at a certain line number, one can now use also
  `nano filename:number`, besides `nano +number filename`.
• <Alt+Home> and <Alt+End> put the cursor on the first and last
  row in the viewport, while retaining the horizontal position.
• When the three digits in an #RGB color code are all the same,
  the code is mapped to the xterm grey scale, giving access to
  fourteen levels of grey instead of just four.
• For easier access, M-" is bound to placing/removing an anchor,
  and M-' to jumping to the next anchor.
• Whenever an error occurs, the keystroke buffer is cleared, thus
  stopping the execution of a macro or a string bind.
• The mousewheel scrolls the viewport instead of moving the cursor

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

A concise overview of nano's shortcut keystrokes:

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific issues that were addressed in this release:  (nano could crash when linting)  (wrong Replace-With help text)  ("{verbatim}" in a bind failed)  (format string vulnerabilities)  (flashing filename with --zero)  (nonstandard synopsis in man page)  (replacing gave unwanted feedback)  (misleading "Unbound key" message)  (URL in C was colorized as comment)  (vanishing folder could cause crash)  (spurious error with --mouse)  (X11 F13 symbol was not understood)  (poor wrapping with long words)  (pasting 39 bytes could hang)  ("specified" was misspelled)  (empty formatter string would crash)  (empty linter string would hang)  (crash after nested search)  (use-after-free during undo)  (heap-buffer-overflow during undo)  (macro could insert unwanted text)  (undoing justification could eat line)  ([wish] recognize also .mjs extension)  (uninitialized value during verbatim)  (crash after search during replace)  (searching overwrote replace string)  (invalid read when typing M-: fast)  ("Missing multidata" when justifying)  (overlong include path could crash)  ("Missing" when undoing justification)  ("Misplaced cursor" for Bsp at EOF)  ("Missing" when justifying a region)  (mis-sized indicator with --softwrap)  ("Missing" when justifying a region)  (no light background on Linux VT)  (setting a color twice leaked memory)  ("Missing" during macro replay)  (confusing feedback when converting)  (reading from stdin was undoable)  (misadjusted mark with --autoindent)  (new Makefile did not use syntax)  ("Span underflowed" for a hard-wrap)  ("Span underflowed" for redo of wrap)  (--break with --zap could crash)  (on laggy machine macro could hang)

  Almost half of these issues were reported by `correctmost`, who has
  been generating scripts that hammer nano with random keystrokes.

Changes between v7.2 and v8.0:

Andy Koppe (2):
      input: scroll on mousewheel events instead of moving the cursor
      rcfile: map the gray #rgb codes (#111 to #EEE) to the xterm grayscale

Benjamin Valentin (1):
      new feature: interpret also <filename>:<linenumber> when opening a file

Jordi Mallach (1):
      docs: fix "availabilty" typo in the manual and the nanorc manpage

Matteo Raso (1):
      syntax: python: colorize decorators specially

Mike Frysinger (2):
      build: link in $(GETRANDOM_LIB) from gnulib
      gnulib: import canonicalize-lgpl for realpath

Benno Schulenberg (156):
      bindings: allow speller and friends to be rebound also in restricted mode
      bindings: in the tiny version, bind M-6 only in main, not at the prompts
      bindings: let <Alt+Home/End> move the cursor to top/bottom of viewport
      bindings: let M-" place/remove an anchor, and let M-' jump to one
      bindings: let M-& show the ncurses version+patch, as a small Easter egg
      bindings: make ^F start a forward search by default
      bindings: make ^F start a forward search by default
      bindings: set up modern bindings also when binary's name starts with "e"
      bindings: show ^- instead of ^/ for 'flipgoto' when on a Linux console
      bindings: with --modern, do not let ^Q^Q quit nano without saving
      bindings: with --modern, use ^H for Help when the terminal allows it
      browser: report an error instead of crashing when the folder disappears
      browser: restore typing position at prompt after "^R name ^T ^F ^V ^C"
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 8.0 release
      chars: add a helper function for stripping leading blanks from a string
      copyright: update the years for the FSF
      display: add a wnoutrefresh() call for NetBSD, to force a cursor update
      display: do not attempt to draw a line that is outside the viewport
      display: draw a new magic line rightaway when there are multiline regexes
      display: show the help lines down to the tiniest possible terminal size
      docs: add a caveat in the FAQ about bracketed pastes
      docs: add a clarifying note to the description of --tabstospaces
      docs: add an example binding for normalizing Unicode to the sample nanorc
      docs: add a reference to the 'help-nano' mailing list
      docs: add M-C and M-Z to the cheatsheet, and reshuffle for balance
      docs: add ^T^S (spell check) and M-S (softwrap) to the cheatsheet
      docs: add two examples of custom key bindings to the nanorc manpage
      docs: adjust an example help line in the README to the current state
      docs: adjust the cheatsheet for the changed meanings of ^F, ^B, M-F, M-B
      docs: clarify that a fileregex is matched against the absolute filename
      docs: delete a remark about libvte that is no longer relevant
      docs: describe nano more specifically as a text editor
      docs: document the <filename>:<linenumber> thing for cursor positioning
      docs: document the new bindable functions 'toprow' and 'bottomrow'
      docs: document the new --modernbindings option
      docs: fix a ten-year-old typo, reported by `correctmost`
      docs: improve the description of the 'flipexecute' bindable function
      docs: in a synopsis, use braces around a choice of required parts
      docs: in the sample nanorc, set the guidestripe to a soft grey
      docs: mention backreferences (for replacements with regular expressions)
      docs: mention how to get the old behavior of ^F, ^B, M-F, and M-B back
      docs: mention that a restricted nano does not access the history files
      docs: mention that 'light' background colors do not work on Linux console
      docs: mention that --modernbindings overrides --preserve
      docs: mention the changed meanings of ^F/^B and also in the texi manual
      docs: mention the missing two options that override --bold
      docs: say "mini bar", not "minibar", when referring to the actual bar
      docs: trim stuff that is more than five years old from the changelog
      docs: use a space after #, like everywhere else in the sample nanorc
      editing: adjust the mark before trimming redundant blanks
      execute: show "Older" and "Newer" in the help lines, to allow rebinding
      feedback: drop an unnecessary warning, to not bother the user
      feedback: lowercase a letter, as the phrase is not a full sentence
      feedback: raise the level of "Macro is empty", to match similar messages
      feedback: suppress filename and linecount when --zero is active
      feedback: suppress format-conversion messages for --zero and --mini
      files: do not allow M-U to remove text read from standard input
      files: run `chmod` and `chown` on the descriptor, not on the filename
      formatter: do not crash when the formatter command is empty
      general: include the Copy function (M-6 or ^C) into the tiny version
      general: let the constant-show toggle override the zero-interface mode
      gnulib: update to current upstream state, to make a fresh checkout work
      gnulib: update to its current upstream state
      help: give the "Replace with" prompt its own help text
      help: mention M-Home and M-End in the help text and help lines
      help: rebalance the help items when --preserve is used
      help: restore ^H and ^D as the primary shortcuts for Backspace and Delete
      help: show ^F/^B as primary shortcuts for search, not as secondary
      indicator: do not oversize the scroller when softwrapping
      input: avoid hanging after a 39-character paste on a VSCode terminal
      input: flush the keystroke buffer upon any kind of error condition
      input: for one bump of the mousewheel scroll two lines, not three
      input: intercept a spurious keycode and say what the actual problem is
      input: let the handler of string binds return a byte whenever possible
      input: neutralize two spurious keycodes from VTE terminals
      input: prevent 'macro_length' from underflowing when hammering M-:
      input: recognize certain escape sequences for F13 to F16 again
      input: snip the `recordmacro` and `runmacro` keystrokes in a better way
      input: store key codes in the macro buffer as they come in from ncurses
      justify: keep as much of the marked region onscreen as possible
      justify: keep the cursor at the original end of a marked region
      justify: recompute the multidata for paragraphs larger than the viewport
      justify: set the correct starting point also with --cutfromcursor
      justify: set `x = 0` for the undo item, for when using --cutfromcursor
      linter: do not mess up the input stream when the linter command is empty
      linter: use a format string, to deflect format-string attacks
      memory: prevent a leak by freeing a possibly already existing color combo
      minibar: mention the file format when it's DOS or Mac
      moving: preserve horizontal position when jumping to top or bottom row
      new feature: functions that jump to the top or bottom of the viewport
      new feature: option --modernbindings sets up more widespread key bindings
      options: make --modernbindings actually override --preserve
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      rcfile: add bindable functions for moving the cursor to top or bottom row
      rcfile: avoid crashing on an include path that is way too long
      replacing: stash the string to be replaced while asking for replacement
      revert the previous commit -- forget about -? as a synonym for --help
      screen: recalculate the multidata when detecting the need for it
      search: avoid a crash after a nested search, reported by `correctmost`
      search: avoid crashing after searching a help text during a regex replace
      shutdown: ignore a modified buffer when in view mode
      softwrap: adjust start-of-screen when the 'edittop' line is hard-wrapped
      softwrap: realign start-of-screen when redoing an automatic hard-wrap
      softwrap: remember the actual breaking point when wrapping at blanks
      startup: use a format string, to deflect format-string attacks
      syntax: c: require a preceding blank when a line comment contains a quote
      syntax: javascript: recognize also the .mjs extension
      syntax: makefile: ensure that the <Tab> key always produces a tab
      syntax: makefile, sh: recognize also a fresh Makefile and fresh .profile
      syntax: nanorc: colorize {toprow} and {bottomrow} for string binds
      syntax: sh: recognize more shells than `sh` on a shebang line for busybox
      tweaks: add a comment that refers to the VTE spurious-code issue
      tweaks: add a missing 'type' attribute to a <style> tag
      tweaks: add an extra variable, to avoid reusing one for another purpose
      tweaks: add another translator hint, to help avoid overlong key tags
      tweaks: adjust a comment for the changed handling of gray #rgb codes
      tweaks: avoid calling isblank()/isalpha() on what could be a signed char
      tweaks: condense the code that searches for a colon plus line number
      tweaks: delete a redundant fragment of code from do_replace_loop()
      tweaks: elide a redundant variable
      tweaks: express an 'if' more concisely, and add two blank lines
      tweaks: implement the fix of the previous commit somewhat differently
      tweaks: improve three translator hints
      tweaks: make two strings equal to a third, to slightly ease translation
      tweaks: move two static declarations to the only function that uses them
      tweaks: normalize the indentation after the previous change
      tweaks: normalize the indentation after the previous changes
      tweaks: pull a fragment of code a bit forward, to enable the next commit
      tweaks: remove two pairs of unneeded braces, and normalize a line
      tweaks: rename a function and variable, to describe better what they do
      tweaks: rename a function, for contrast, and update antiquated comments
      tweaks: rename a struct element, to avoid a theoretical name collision
      tweaks: rename a symbol (to be clearer), and add three missing comments
      tweaks: rename a variable, away from an abbreviation
      tweaks: rename a variable, away from an abbreviation
      tweaks: rename a variable, to be a bit more indicative
      tweaks: rename a variable, to be clearer when seen in context
      tweaks: rename a variable, to be more readable
      tweaks: rename a variable, to better indicate what it represents
      tweaks: rename two variables, to be clearer and to match others
      tweaks: reshuffle four lines, to allow folding some #ifdefs together
      tweaks: reshuffle three fragments of code, moving related things together
      tweaks: rewrap a comment, and reshuffle seven declarations
      tweaks: rewrap two old news items
      tweaks: shrink the set of characters recognized as line-column separator
      tweaks: slightly improve a comment, to be more accurate
      tweaks: slightly reword the help text for the Replace-With prompt
      tweaks: ungettextize three strings, to make a translator hint right again
      tweaks: use a pair of parentheses to clarify the order of operations
      undo: force a screen refresh also for the special case Bsp-at-EOF
      undo: prevent a use-after-free, reported by `correctmost`
      undo: recompute the multidata when a piece of text is replaced
      undo the prelast commit in order to redo it with a fuller commit message
      verbatim: avoid referencing an uninitialized value
      wrapping: delete only single characters, not a possibly marked region



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