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Using CloudFront to Distribute Substitutes on

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: Using CloudFront to Distribute Substitutes on
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2019 23:00:07 -0700
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Hi Guix,

To improve the latency, download speed, and availability of substitutes,
the Guix project has decided to resume distribution of substitutes via
the Amazon CloudFront CDN for a limited time.  This only concerns the
distribution of substitutes; the substitutes themselves will still be
built on the same build farm as before, at

Starting at 05:15 UTC on Monday, April 29th, requests for substitutes
that are sent to will be served by the CDN instead.
This is expected to last up to 4 months.  No downtime is expected during
the transition.  If you are already using for substitutes,
you do not need to make any changes in order to continue using it.
After 4 months, we will stop using the CDN, and the maintainers and Guix
system administrators will re-evaluate its use at that time.

If you prefer to bypass the CDN, you can connect to directly as before.  If you are using Guix
System, you can override the list of default substitute servers with a
service declaration like this one:

  (modify-services %desktop-services
     config => (guix-configuration
                (inherit config)
                 (list "";)))))

Happy hacking!


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