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Lily 1.5.33

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Lily 1.5.33
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 01:54:56 +0100

Hi there!

lily 1.5.33 is out, with an el-neato entry hack for polyphonic music
Check it out; there's some doco in the manual. Basically, you apply
voicify-music to a piece of music, and you get stem-directions and
horizontal shifts set for free when you use the separator ( \\ ) sign:

        \apply #voicify-music {
           c4   <g' \\ c, \\ f \\ d > f g < c \\ d> a

sets two polyphonic chords with shifts and stem directions set correctly.

Thanks to Jeremie Lumbroso for this idea!

have fun!

2002-02-25  Han-Wen  <address@hidden>

        * VERSION: 1.5.33 released.

        * mf/ (flare_path): removed draw_flare, replace by
        flare_path everywhere (c-clef, numbers).

        * lily/ (process_music): also print bar
        number if measure starts with grace note.

        * input/regression/ new test.

2002-02-24  Han-Wen  <address@hidden>

        * lily/ (stop_translation_timestep): reset
        rest as well.

        * scm/music-functions.scm (voicify-music):  split chords into
        different voices automatically.

        * lily/ (ly_music_list_p): new function

        * lily/ (do_relative_octave): robustification

        * scm/music-functions.scm: many utility functions

        * lily/ (ly_set_mus_property): add type checks to the
        Scheme property assignment.

        * buildscripts/lilypond-profile, (TEXCONFIG):
        dvips fixes

        * mf/ .map file from Mats' page.

2002-02-21  Juergen Reuter <address@hidden>

        * Some more parmesan related fixes;

        * Custos: varying shape (in particular, stem length), depending on the
          vertical position of the custos (on staffline / between stafflines);

        * Custos: added grob property "neutral-direction" (same semantics as
          with stem); introduced new grob property "neutral-position";

        * Time-signature: print a warning when resorting to default layout.

2002-02-22  Han-Wen Nienhuys  <address@hidden>

        * lily/ (add_fresh_simple_translator): remove
        function; initialize() is called through

        * lily/ (prune_loose_colunms): add constraints (rods)
        for the neighbors of a loose column.

        * lily/ (set_loose_columns): be more intelligent:
        position loose columns so that they don't collide.


Han-Wen Nienhuys   |   address@hidden    |

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