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lilypond 1.6, looking for your help!

From: Han-Wen
Subject: lilypond 1.6, looking for your help!
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 01:52:48 +0200

Dear Lilypond users,

You might already have seen in the announces that there is a 1.6
stable release imminent, and Jan and I decided that now is as good a
time as ever, so we will be releasing 1.6 in two to three weeks.

Jan is on a holiday right now, when he returns in a week, we'll work
full tilt for another one or two weeks, and then release 1.6. Of
course, the major hacking and writing will be done by us, but part of
doing a so-called "stable" release, is verifying that everything
works, and that we can release a BugFree (tm) version 1.6.0.

Of course BugFree is only relative. Those who follow the development
list will understand that it will take many more years before lilypond
is _really_ perfect. So, for the coming release we decided to use a
more feasible criterion for "BugFree (tm)": 1.6 is BugFree when it
does no worse than 1.4.

This is where you guys and girls come in: we need you to check that
all your files that worked nicely on 1.4, still work nicely on
1.6. And if you feel really energetic, you can also take a look at the
regression-test, and check wether all of the examples still work as
advertised. Of course, if there is something wrong, do let us know
through address@hidden

Hoping to hear from you,



Han-Wen Nienhuys   |   address@hidden   | 

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