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LILYPOND 1.6.0 - Print music beautifully

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: LILYPOND 1.6.0 - Print music beautifully
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 17:29:21 +0200

Keywords: midi notation music typesetting gnu font engraving 

WHAT IS LilyPond?

LilyPond is the GNU Project music typesetter.  LilyPond produces
beautiful sheet music using a description file as input. Documentation
and examples can be found on

This release is focused on improved output quality: some pieces of
output now have publication quality. To achieve this, we have
completely overhauled the spacing engine, the font and the beaming

Version 1.6 also adds support for drum notation, figured bass,
tablature and (limited) ancient notation, piano notation.


* Support for figured bass and tablature.

* Completely rewritten beam formatting: provides much better output

* Completely revised and improved music font.

* Completely rewritten MIDI import support.

* Completely rewritten grace note support. Practically speaking this means
that grace notes can be slurred to normal normal notes.

* Improved accidental handling and formatting: styles for producing
cautionaries may vary, and complex collisions between accidentals of a
chord are handled much better.

* Better spacing: both globally and locally. This includes subtle
details like optical stem spacing.

* More support for ancient notation: mensural ligatures, ambitus
(pitch range) of voices, more shapes, etc.

* More support for piano notation: bracket pedals, directed arpeggios,
arpeggio brackets.

* Easier music polyphonic music entry.

* More extensibility, many speedups and bugfixes

* The manual has been thoroughly revised.

* Development is now hosted at, and sources
can be downloaded through anonymous CVS.

* Support for windows: LilyPond is part of the cygwin distribution,
which comes with a user-friendly installer.


Sources for this project are available at

Packages for Red Hat Linux 7.x/i386 are available from 

A Debian GNU/Linux package for unstable should be available shortly
through apt-get.

A package for Windows should be available shortly though Cygwin's
setup.exe (

A package for MacOS X should be available though fink shortly

For other UNIX/Linux distributions (SuSE, Mandrake, *BSD, etc),
ask your vendor or compile from source.


Heinz Stolba
James Ingram
Mats Bengtsson
Nicola Bernardini
Rune Zedeler


To people sending improvements and bugreports:

Alexandre Beneteau
Amelie Zapf
Atro Tossavainen
Bas Wassink
Boros Andr

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