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LilyPond 1.7.7

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: LilyPond 1.7.7
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 15:14:30 +0100

LilyPond 1.7.7 is out.


 - cluster notation, courtesy Jurgen Reuter

 - measure subdivisions, for indicating the subdivisions of irregular

 - various bugfixes by Jan.

2002-11-14  Han-Wen Nienhuys  <address@hidden>

        * Documentation/user/*.tely: new chord syntax.

        * input/regression/[bc]*.ly (texidoc): syntax updates.
2002-11-13  Heikki Junes <address@hidden>

        * lilypond.words: add vocabulary to be used in auto-completion

        * vimrc: autocompletion in Insert/Replace-mode with <Ctrn-N>

        * lilypond.vim: allow note name at EOF

2002-11-13  Han-Wen Nienhuys  <address@hidden>

        * buildscripts/ (edit): -e option: inline editing.

        * input/regression/a*.ly (texidoc): syntax updates.

        * Documentation/user/lilypond-book.itely (Integrating address@hidden and
        music): elucidations. 

2002-11-11 Juergen Reuter  <address@hidden>

        * lily/include/lily-proto.hh, ly/,
        ly/, scm/grob-description.scm,
        scm/grob-property-description.scm, scm/music-types.scm,
        lily/, lily/,
        lily/include/cluster.hh, input/test/ cluster

        * lily/include/lookup.hh, lily/, scm/pdf.scm
        ps/, scm/ascii-script.scm, scm/ps.scm,
        scm/sketch.scm, scm/tex.scm: support for dots and polygons added

        * lily/ bugfix: fixed infinite loop in frame ()

        * mf/ bugfix: vaticana punctum set_char_box

        * scm/grob-description.scm: bugfix: by default, use default note
        head style when engraving ligatures

        * lily/ bugfix: do not steal ligature events

        * lily/ bugfix: accept ligature

        * lily/ bugfix: accept ligature events

        * input/test/ bugfix: style -> flag-style

        * lily/ indentation fix

        * lily/parser.yy: indentation fixes
2002-11-09  Han-Wen Nienhuys  <address@hidden>

        * input/regression/ more elaborate example.

        * lily/ ly:add-moment, ly:mul-moment,
        ly:div-moment. New functions 

        * scm/music-functions.scm (set-time-signature): new function,
        allow inline time sig settings with measure grouping.

        * lily/parser.yy (command_element): move time sig construction
        into Scheme.

        * lily/ (out_of_staff): new function,
        like padding, but keep minimum distance from staff. Easier than
        linespanners (dynamics, pedals), but roughly the same effect.

2002-11-10 Heikki Junes  <address@hidden>

        * emacs-mode.el: Added spanish-note-replacements 

        * vimrc: (Un)commenting with <(S-)F12>, tidy.

2002-11-08  Heikki Junes  <address@hidden>

        * lilypond.vim: Do not fontify cises, desis, etc.

        * vimrc: view dvi with <S-F6>

2002-11-08  Han-Wen Nienhuys  <address@hidden>

        * lily/ (triangle): new function.

        * input/regression/ (texidoc): new file: show
        triangles and brackets for beat groups of 3 and 2.

        * lily/include/measure-grouping-spanner.hh (class
        Measure_grouping): new file.

        * lily/ (brew_molecule): new file

        * lily/ (class
        Measure_grouping_engraver): new file.

2002-11-06  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * Merge from stable:

            cvs update -jlilypond_1_6_6 -jlilypond_1_6_6_1
        * ly/ (paperSixteen): Bugfix: set fonts instead of

        * ly/ Include

        * ly/ New file.

        * Documentation/user/tutorial.itely (First steps): Fix first
        example for font test.

        * input/tutorial/ Fix by hand for font test.

        * ChangeLog: Add 1.7.6 release marker (see below).

        * stepmake/stepmake/python-module-vars.make (EXTRA_DIST_FILES):
        Add .py files.

2002-11-06  Han-Wen Nienhuys  <address@hidden>

        * input/tutorial/ (bassvoices): to new syntax.

        * input/tutorial/*.ly: update to new syntax.

        * lily/parser.yy (Composite_music): new transpose syntax,
        \transpose FROM TO MUSIC. 

2002-11-04  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * scripts/ * scripts/ Fix: redirect
        latex progress/error output to stderr (by default this goes to
        stdout).  Show lilypond progress, even when not verbose.

        * python/ (system): New optional parameter to control
        showing of progress.

        * scm/backend-documentation-lib.scm (check-dangling-properties):
        Fix error message.

        * lily/ (ADD_INTERFACE): Remove align, magnify.  Add
        axis, extent.

        * scm/grob-property-description.scm (magnify): Remove.
        (extent, axis): Add.


Han-Wen Nienhuys   |   address@hidden    |

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