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LilyPond 2.1.21 is out

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: LilyPond 2.1.21 is out
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 18:37:17 +0100

LilyPond 2.1.21 has a large number of bugfixes, especially for
lilypond-book. In addition, it fixes an important shortcoming:

   * Tweaks  made with `\override' and `\revert' no longer hide tweaks
     at higher context levels.


2004-02-12  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * scripts/ (snippet_res): @include filname must
        not be empty.

2004-02-12  Han-Wen Nienhuys   <address@hidden>

        * scm/documentation-generate.scm (markup-doc-string): dump

        * scm/define-markup-commands.scm (override): new file.
        Move documentation from refman into doc-strings. 

        * input/test/ fix example.

        * ly/ (AncientRemoveEmptyStaffContext): remove

        * lily/ remove point_dimension_callback
        (Grob): read forced dimensions from X-extent and Y-extent.
        (get_paper): remove preset_extent.

        * scm/define-grobs.scm (all-grob-descriptions): remove

        * lily/ (acknowledge_grob): attach dynamic
        textscript to head. This makes no-spacing-rods work on

        * lily/ remove props chord, bass, inversion.

        * Documentation/user/appendices.itely: add Scheme functions,
        context-properties and layout properties to manual.

        * scm/part-combiner.scm (determine-split-list): include rests in a
        solo1/2 sequence.

        * lily/ (substitute_both): new
        (class New_pc_iterator): add separate Voice=solo context, fixes
        autobeams going from chords to solo.

2004-02-11  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * Documentation/user/invoking.itexi (Editor support): Fix typo.

        * Documentation/user/tutorial.itely:
        * Documentation/user/refman.itely: Add short note about being part
        of lilypond.tely.

        * COPYING: Make note more clear with respect to files that are
        explicitely licenced otherwise (Documention/user/ comes to mind).
        * Documentation/topdocs/AUTHORS.texi (AUTHORS): Use @,{c}.  Remove
        comment about barfing of @c,{}.

        * Documentation/user/music-glossary.tely: Add list of authors.

        * stepmake/stepmake/library-rules.make: Thank Nelson only in
        source (was: also in build log).

2004-02-11  Han-Wen Nienhuys   <address@hidden>

        * lily/ (general_side_position): if
        staff-padding is set, then include staff in support too.

        * (README_FILES): remove TODO. Put in new CVS
        module workbook

        * TODO: Remove.  Put in new CVS module /cvsroot/lilypond/workbook/

        * lily/ remove tupletInvisible

        * scm/define-translator-properties.scm: cleanup, separate in
        internal and user props. 

        * ly/ (AncientRemoveEmptyStaffContext): change
        LyricsVoice -> Lyrics

        * lily/ (process): only print warning
        for symbols.

2004-02-11  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * scm/part-combiner.scm: Add proper header.

        * All but lily/*: The great --2003 --2004 replace; the missing

        * TODO: Fix outline mode.  Add book notes.

        * ROADMAP: Update.

2004-02-11  Han-Wen Nienhuys   <address@hidden>

        * scm/part-combiner.scm (make-autochange-music): use
        accumulator. Fixes stack overflow.

        * lily/*: rename brew_molecule -> print , molecule-callback ->

        * scm/define-grob-properties.scm: cleanup. Separate into internal
        and user properties.

        * lily/ (updated_grob_properties): new
        (execute_pushpop_property): change to new convention:
        object property inits are stored as (cons ALIST BASED-ON). This
        storage format allows concurrent tweaks in different contexts.

2004-02-10  Han-Wen Nienhuys   <address@hidden>

        * TODO: new file.

2004-02-10  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * debian/: Late Debian update (sorry Anthony).

        * scripts/ (do_file): Look for input_file in
        include path, or ask kpathsea if LATEX.

        * input/template/GNUmakefile (LILYPOND_BOOK_FLAGS): 
        * input/test/GNUmakefile (LILYPOND_BOOK_FLAGS):
        * input/regression/GNUmakefile (LILYPOND_BOOK_FLAGS): Use

        * Documentation/user/tutorial.itely (Fine tuning layout): Add lost

        * scripts/ Fixes for make web.  Default to stdout
        only when filtering, default to input_base otherwise.  Coding
        style fixes.

2004-02-10  Han-Wen Nienhuys   <address@hidden>

        * lily/include/translator.hh (class Translator): add virtual

2004-02-10  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * scripts/ (compose_ly): Python2.1 workarounds.

2004-02-09  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * scripts/ (compose_ly): Add kludge for relative.

        * Documentation/user/refman.itely: Run texinfo-all-menus-update
        (fixes make web).

        * (web-clean): Do not remove fonts (they do not
        live in $(out)-www).

        * scripts/ Small cleanups.  Junk hairy include
        dependencies.  Add link to .ly source in HTML output.
        (Lilypond_snippet.output_html): Handle multiple page picture
        (Lilypond_snippet.output_html, Lilypond_snippet.output_latex):
        Make usable for output_texinfo again.

        * Documentation/user/GNUmakefile: Add static dependency for
        lilypond.tely includes.

        * Documentation/user/tutorial.itely: Add some lost `relative'

2004-02-09  Han-Wen Nienhuys   <address@hidden>

        * lily/include/translator-group.hh: move Music_output_def member
        to Global_translator.

        * scripts/ (do_file):  fix latex output.


 Han-Wen Nienhuys   |   address@hidden   | 

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