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LilyPond 2.1.29 is out

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: LilyPond 2.1.29 is out
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 02:53:56 +0100

LilyPond 2.1.29 is out. This release fixes a couple of annoying MIDI
bugs. It also has experimental support for using \markup{} in the
\header field. At the moment, this is only supported in the direct
postscript output (-f ps)



2004-03-07  Han-Wen Nienhuys   <address@hidden>

        * Documentation/user/changing-defaults.itely (Changing defaults):
        new file.

        * Documentation/user/notation.itely (Notation manual): rename from 

        * Documentation/user/notation-appendices.itely (The Feta font):
        new file.

        * Documentation/user/advanced.itely: add aborted attempt for
        advanced topics manual.

2004-03-06  Han-Wen Nienhuys   <address@hidden>

        * scm/new-markup.scm: display Markups in sane format. Patch by
        Nicolas Sceaux.

2004-03-05  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * lily/ Cleanups.
        (setup_localisation): New function.
        (sane_putenv): Remove.
        (main_with_guile): New name (Was: main_prog).  Remove musings
        about possible preparation for GUILE heavy memory usage and
        practical uselessness.  Do not set environment variables
        name juggling.
        (parse_argv): New function.
        (copyright): New function.  It's 2004 already.

        * lily/ (do_one_file): Add file name juggling.
        (distill_inname): Move from main.

2004-03-05  Han-Wen Nienhuys   <address@hidden>

        * (EXTRA_DIST_FILES): remove VIM stuff.

        * vim/GNUmakefile: flatten dirs, add GNUmakefile.

        * Documentation/user/running.itely: new file.

        * lily/include/audio-element.hh (class Audio_element): remove grace_b_

        * lily/ (finish): call Translator::finalize ().

2004-03-05  Heikki Junes <address@hidden>

        * lilypond-ftpplugin.vim: renamed to the following file.
        * lilypond-ftplugin.vim: new file.

        * update VIM_FILES.

2004-03-04  Han-Wen Nienhuys   <address@hidden>

        * scm/output-ps.scm (output-scopes): use ly:paper-lookup for font

        * input/test/ remove.

        * lily/ (try_music): copy & paste from

        * lily/ (LY_DEFINE): bugfix. Don't do
        variable_ref twice.

        * lily/ (create_audio_elements): use

        * scm/midi.scm (accidentals-in-key): divide alterations by 2.

2004-03-04  Heikki Junes <address@hidden>

        * input/test/ fix cases fes->e and similar.
        handle also quarter tones (not shown as tests). test also flats.

        * Documentation/ small fixes.

2004-03-03  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * input/regression/ Typo.

        * scm/define-markup-commands.scm (fill-line): New markup.

        * scm/output-ps.scm (ps-encoding): Add simplistic encoding.
        (output-paper-def): Fix alignment.
        (make-title): Fix height/width scaling.

        * ps/ (base-line-skip): Bugfix.

        * input/test/ Add remaining titles.  Layout and
        font size fixes.  Add simplistic latin1 test.

2004-03-03  Heikki Junes <address@hidden>

        * input/test/ remove. move content (to next). 
        * input/test/ replace content (from prev), this 
        has been already in templates.

2004-03-03  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * stepmake/ Only issue warning about running configure
        without arguments when will actually be running

2004-03-03  Han-Wen Nienhuys   <address@hidden>

        * scm/new-markup.scm (stack-stencil-line): robustness.

        * scm/define-markup-commands.scm (simple): robustification of

        * Documentation/user/music-glossary.tely (Top): change central C
        to middle C.

        * lily/ (interpret_markup): cache make-simple-markup

2004-03-03  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * input/test/ (spaceTest): Add.

        * lily/ (interpret_markup): Make line markup from
        multi word markup.

        * scm/define-markup-commands.scm (word): New markup command.
        (simple): Use it.

        * scm/output-ps.scm (define-fonts): Fix TeX font scaling.

2004-03-02  Heikki Junes <address@hidden>

        * vim/ftplugin/lilypond.vim:
        * vim/syntax/lilypond.vim: use only local settings with setlocal.
        show matching paren in insert mode.

2004-03-02  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * scm/output-ps.scm (make-title, output-scopes): Further

        * input/test/ New file.

        * ps/ Disable PostScript titling.

        * lily/ (process): Quote PORT argument to make-title.

2004-03-01  Han-Wen Nienhuys   <address@hidden>

        * lily/ (width_callback): remove padding.
        * scm/define-grobs.scm (all-grob-descriptions): add padding.

        * scm/define-music-types.scm: remove make-music-by-name.

        * Documentation/user/lilypond.tely: doc patch by Edward Sutton.

2004-03-01  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * lily/ (process): Output titles using make-title.

        * scm/output-ps.scm (output-stencil): Display directly instead of
        constructing string.
        (make-title): New function.

2004-03-01  Mats Bengtsson  <address@hidden>

        * Documentation/user/lilypond-book.itely (Integrating LaTeX and
        music), Documentation/user/invoking.itexi (Invoking lilypond): 
        Move documentation of LaTeX packages for latin1 characters to the
        lilypond-book manual.

2004-03-01  Heikki Junes <address@hidden>

        * Documentation/topdocs/INSTALL.texi: small fix (by Matthias Kilian).

        * vimrc: add menu in console and shortcut <F10> for it.

        * vim/:
        * vim/compiler/:
        * vim/syntax/:
        * vim/indent/:
        * vim/ftplugin/: new directories.
        * vim/filetype.vim: new file.

        * lilypond.vim: remove files (see next).
        * vim/syntax/lilypond.vim: new, renamed file (see prev).

        * vimrc: remove file (see next).
        * vim/ftplugin/lilypond.vim: new, renamed file (see prev).

        * vim/ftplugin/lilypond.vim: change dir for dictionary.
        add header. apply bindings only locally.

        * vim/indent/lilypond.vim: new file.

        * vim/ftplugin/lilypond.vim: remove errorformat.
        * vim/compiler/lilypond.vim: new file for errorformats.

        * Documentation/topdocs/INSTALL.texi: give easier orders.

        * ROADMAP: add vim/

2004-02-29  Jan Nieuwenhuizen  <address@hidden>

        * Documentation/user/introduction.itely (Introduction): Use @image
        iso @html <img...>.  Add workaround for images in columns in info.

        * stepmake/aclocal.m4: Store computed version in variable.

        * Export MAKEINFO_VERSION.

        * (MAKEINFO_VERSION): Add.

        * make/ly-rules.make: Add makeinfo <= 4.6 workaround.

        * Documentation/user/GNUmakefile: Only build info with images when
        building web.

        * (install-WWW): Visit Documentation/user.

        * stepmake/stepmake/texinfo-targets.make: Move info and texinfo
        stuff from documentation-targets.make


 Han-Wen Nienhuys   |   address@hidden   | 

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