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Fink (MacOS X) package for lilypond 2.1.35

From: Matthias Neeracher
Subject: Fink (MacOS X) package for lilypond 2.1.35
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 17:12:38 -0800

The lilypond 2.1.35 is now available as a MacOS X fink <http://fink/> package (As opposed to my 2.1.33 and 2.1.34 packages, I verified that this one works :-)

- Set up your fink installation (/sw/etc/fink.conf) to use the unstable tree.
- Update your packages with fink selfupdate-rsync
- Type "fink install lilypond-unstable"

Lilypond and all its dependencies will be built.


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