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LilyPond 2.7.2 is out

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: LilyPond 2.7.2 is out
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 13:44:12 +0200
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Lily 2.7.2 is out. It has a couple of new features.


   * The current bar number may be checked with `\barNumberCheck', eg.

     \barNumberCheck #22

     will print a warning if it doesn't happen in measure 22.

   * If `skipLastLength' is set, only the last few measures of a piece
     are rendered, which speeds up correcting scores. For example,

     showLastLength = R1*5
     \score { ... }

     will render only the last five measures (assuming 4/4 time
     signature) of a piece.

   * Melismata can be specified simply in the lyrics now, eg.

       c d e f e
     } \addlyrics {
       Ky -- _ _ ri e

     This feature was sponsored by Nancho Alvarez

   * Suggested accidentals (for notating musica ficta) may be switched
     on with `suggestAccidentals'

     This feature was sponsored by Nancho Alvarez.

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