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LilyPond 2.10—10 years anniversary release

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: LilyPond 2.10—10 years anniversary release
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 14:21:44 +0100
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Utrecht the Netherlands—November, 2006.

The initial inspiration for LilyPond came ten years ago when two musician friends grew disappointed with the bland and boring look of computer formatted scores. Every musician prefers to read beautiful music, so couldn't we programmers solve that printing problem?

LilyPond just does that: it prints music in the best traditions of classical engraving with minimum fuss. Don't waste time on tuning spacing, moving around symbols, or shaping slurs. Impress friends and colleagues with sharp sheet music!

We are proud to announce the 10-year anniversary release, LilyPond version 2.10.


    * Creating music with good page turning points is easier than ever.

The new page breaking algorithm will tune both horizontal and vertical spacing. Hence, page turns will only fall at rests or places that you mark explicitly.

    * Flat music export format.

LilyPond uses an elegant input format, that uses identifiers, arbitrary nested structures and inline Scheme expressions. While the format is easy to write and read for humans, it is less so for programs.

With this release, Erik Sandberg has contributed internal rewrites that make it possible to output a much simpler intermediate format. In the long term, this will enable other programs to read LilyPond music.

    * Many small features and formatting improvements.

This includes support for falls and doits, dashed barlines, al niente hairpins, right hand fingerings for guitar, better formatting of tied chords, automatic beaming and nested tuplets.

A full list of new features is at


Han-Wen Nienhuys - Core development
Jan Nieuwenhuizen - Core development
Graham Percival - Documentation Editor and Bug Meister
Mats Bengtsson - Support Guru


Angelo Contardi, David Feuer, Erik Sandberg, Erlend Aasland, Guido Amoruso, Heikki Junes, and Joe Neeman.


Andrew Sidwell, Anthony Youngman , Chris Sawer, David Griffel, Jamie Bullock, Kieren MacMillan, Michael Meixner , Paul Scott, Rick Hansen, Steve Doonan, Trent Johnston, Trevor Bača, Vivian Barty-Taylor and William Wilson.

Documentation helpers

Cameron Horsburgh, Dave Luttinen, Eduardo Vieira, Erlend Aasland, Geoff Horton, and Juergen Reuter.


Albert Frantz, Arvid Grøtting, Anthony Youngman, Aurèle Duda, Ben Hoefer, Bernie Arai, Cameron Horsburgh, Charles Cave, Christian Hitz, Christopher Ellis, Claude Routhier, Colin Wilding, Daniel Tonda Castillo, David Rogers, Francisco Vila, Harald Wellmann, Henrik Frisk, Johannes Schindelin, John Williams, J. Leung, Karim Haddad, Karl Hammar, Keith Packard, Kieren MacMillan, Lee T. Wilkirson, Lieke van der Meer, Luc Wehli, Manuzhai, Mark Dewey, Marcus Macauley, Markus Schneider, Matti Aaltonen, Michael Meixner, Michael Welsh Duggan, Milan Zamazal, Orm Finnendahl, Paul Scott, Phillip Kirlin, Quentin Spencer, Rainer Typke, Rick Hansen, Rutger Helmers, Ruud van Silfhout, Sietse Brouwer, Stephen Carter, Stephen Kress, Thies Albrecht, Toine Schreurs, Trent Johnston, Trevor Bača, Trevor Daniels, Vaclav Smilauer, Vicente Solsona Dellá, Victor Eijkhout, Villum Sejersen, Werner Lemberg, Will Oram, and Zoltan V. Laszlo.

 Han-Wen Nienhuys - address@hidden -

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