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The LilyPond Report #28 has been released

From: David Kastrup
Subject: The LilyPond Report #28 has been released
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 12:35:51 +0200

The LilyPond Report, the informational column for users and developers
of GNU LilyPond, the GNU music typesetter, has released its 28th issue
at <URL:>.

The main excitements are reports about the developer and user meeting
that happened from August 24th to 28th in Waltrop, Germany, culminating
in the release of the long-awaited stable LilyPond release 2.16.0.

There are some articles musing over future work and directions, a report
about the online music editing service Scorio and its use of LilyPond,
and as with previous issues, reports from the ongoing effort of freeing
senior developer David Kastrup for working on LilyPond by financial
contributions of users, an arrangement running for more than half a year
by now.

You are invited to read about the excitement in a small but thriving
community of people enthusiastic about music and its printed
representation.  And of course, feel free to read about and download
GNU LilyPond in its current versions from <URL:>
and use it for typesetting beautiful music.

Authors of the current issue are Dominik Hörnel, Karin Höthker, David
Kastrup, Graham Percival, Valentin Villenave and Janek Warchoł.

All the best

David Kastrup

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