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[Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.8.6 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Info-nano] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.8.6 is released
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 10:34:25 +0200
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2017.07.21 - GNU nano 2.8.6 "Kekulé" offers a new feature: the ability
                to do softwrapping between words -- at whitespace --
                instead of always at the edge of the screen.  This can
                be activated with -a or --atblanks or 'set atblanks'
                together with the softwrap option.  This release further
                fixes a handful of rare display glitches, fixes a build
                failure on AIX, harmonizes the quoting rules in the rc
                files, and renames the option 'cut' to 'cutfromcursor'
                (please update your nanorc files before 2020).

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for on the terminal.

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific bugs that were fixed in this release:  (double-width characters not shown)  (softwrap at word boundaries [request])  (misplaced cursor with --so --co --noh)  (build failure on Solaris)  (commenting could not be disabled)  (^X in help lines showing wrong word)  (^T in help lines does not adapt)  (status bar was sometimes not cleared)  (misencodings in the HTML docs)  (inconsistent quoting for 'comment')  (misparsing of argument of 'comment')  (indenting leaves target x unchanged)  (some spaces spilling onto next line)  (word for ^X changes when resizing)  (entry of invalid byte upon resume)

Changes between v2.8.5 and v2.8.6:

David Lawrence Ramsey (29):
      display: when converting tabs, don't go beyond the screen width
      docs: consistently describe the -U/-c and -r/-w overrides
      docs: mention that boldtext can be overridden also for function tags
      docs: mention the default values for comment and whitespace directives
      moving: fix the cursor jumping back and forth with non-smooth paging
      moving: make vertical movement account for varying chunk width
      new feature: allow lines to be softwrapped at whitespace
      replacing: make spotlight() account for varying chunk width
      softwrap: add new functions for chunks of varying width
      softwrap: don't flag EOL too early, nor break continuous text too early
      softwrap: in do_mouse(), keep the cursor before a softwrap breakpoint
      softwrap: make the changes to actually allow the chunk width to vary
      softwrap: prepare for allowing the chunk width to vary
      softwrap: remove unneeded caps on the number of chunks to move
      syntax: nanorc: properly color a "fill" option with a negative value
      text: adjust the comments in do_indent() and do_unindent()
      text: make do_unindent() an exact copy of do_indent()
      text: make sure commenting is disabled when comment "" was specified
      text: normalize the indentation in do_indent() and do_unindent()
      text: remove indent-related code from do_unindent()
      text: remove the last usage of cols in do_indent() and do_unindent()
      text: remove unindent-related code from do_indent()
      text: remove unneeded references to cols from the indentation routines
      text: update placewewant properly when indenting/unindenting
      tweaks: correct a parameter type, and correct two empty initializations
      tweaks: fix a typo in NEWS
      tweaks: only compensate for a partially-offscreen line in softwrap mode
      tweaks: remove unneeded braces, and mark empty parameter list as void
      usage: a dash doesn't have to come first among the filenames

Benno Schulenberg (59):
      build: for Solaris, tell the linker to use a threading lib
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 2.8.6 release
      display: avoid a jumpy cursor by redrawing bottom bars only when needed
      display: when back in the main loop, always redraw the help lines
      display: wipe stale messages from the status bar straightaway
      docs: add some more mark-up to the Info document
      docs: be more precise about when a dash is given instead of a filename
      docs: drop the cluttering Info-style links from the HTML manual
      docs: improve cross references and mark-up in the Info document
      docs: improve some spacing, especially of the synopsis in the PDF
      docs: make the guillemot and the middle dot appear correctly in HTML
      docs: move the descriptions of 'header' and 'magic' next to 'syntax'
      docs: remove the mention of backslashes for the argument of 'comment'
      docs: reword the explanation of the 'syntax' command
      docs: use real cross references in the Info document
      docs: use the @command and @option mark-up more consistently
      files: don't bother counting rows when opening a fresh buffer
      files: warn more conspicuously when the file on disk has changed
      gnulib: update to its current state
      input: recognize the Ctrl+Arrow key sequences from Haiku's Terminal
      options: recognize -a and --atblanks on the command line
      options: rename --cut to --cutfromcursor, to be clearer
      pasting: restore the cap on the number of chunks to move backward
      po: regenerate POT file and PO files
      rcfile: don't require backslashing in the argument of 'comment'
      screen: defeat a VTE/Konsole bug also for the case of --constantshow
      screen: retain the same help-line tags when the window is resized
      softwrap: when possible, go back a whole bunch of chunks at a time
      startup: don't try parsing color names that were not specified
      startup: in default mode, display the tail of the file as Pico does
      suspension: prevent entering an invalid byte upon resume (with S-Lang)
      syntax: gentoo: make it clearer that the file contains two syntaxes
      syntax: man, groff: fix the string that introduces a comment
      syntax: nanorc: don't color numeric arguments specially
      syntax: nanorc: don't color the argument of 'linter' as if invalid
      syntax: texinfo: cover also some special cases like @U, @OE and @TeX
      tweaks: adjust an error message so it fits all possible cases
      tweaks: avoid a clang warning about an expression being treated as NULL
      tweaks: avoid a failure with black diamonds in a PDF
      tweaks: avoid an unused-variable warning for the tiny version
      tweaks: chuck some debugging stuff
      tweaks: chuck two useless asserts, and elide a call to strncasecmp()
      tweaks: correct two conditions for conditional compilation
      tweaks: drop a bunch of useless asserts
      tweaks: elide unneeded calls of get_last_chunk_leftedge()
      tweaks: fix compilation with --enable-tiny
      tweaks: move an include to the file that actually makes use of it
      tweaks: put declarations always first, so it will compile on Haiku
      tweaks: recognize the empty string as comment inhibitor, instead of NULL
      tweaks: remove two superfluous includes
      tweaks: rename a constant, to match the corresponding option
      tweaks: rename another constant, to be more precise
      tweaks: rename a variable, to have more contrast
      tweaks: rename four functions, to be more distinct
      tweaks: rename two variables, to make a little sense
      tweaks: reshuffle some things to condense the code
      tweaks: simplify the parsing of color combinations
      tweaks: spell an option correctly in NEWS
      tweaks: swap ^X and ^L in the help lines of the help viewer



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