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[gnupress] New Fall Titles from GNU Press

From: Lisa M. Opus Goldstein
Subject: [gnupress] New Fall Titles from GNU Press
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 17:12:41 -0400
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Dear GNU Press fan,

Thank you for your interest in keeping up to date with new
developments in GNU Press!

This letter contains:
New Titles
Response to Previous T-shirt Survey
Upcoming New Items

New Titles!
Finally!  The new titles are ready for announcement. Currently we are
accepting pre-orders at  There is a special
offer of 25% off if you order both volumes of the C Library Manual.
To be truthful, we have not yet decided if this discount will be a
permanent offer.  But I promise the readers of this mailing list that
I will keep running the sale at least until November 30th.  

Using GCC: The GNU Compiler Collection Reference Manual

GNU C Library: Application Fundamentals

GNU C Library: System & Network Applications

GNU Radius: A Reference Manual

Plus new editions of Bison and MDK.  Please visit for

Response to T-shirt survey
There was a great response to our survey last spring regarding the new
T-shirt designs.  (See them at It
was very helpful during our final design and colour selection

Interestingly, when asked about colour preferences, older people
preferred lighter colours and younger people preferred darker colours.
Also, outside of age, more Europeans preferred lighter colours than
Americans.  I didn't have many people responding from outside of the
US/Canada & Europe, and so could draw no inferences about other

Upcoming New Items
We have created the first new Deluxe Package in almost 10 years.  It
is a "Junior Deluxe", designed specifically for corporate IT
departments.  It is a great way to get your company to help out the
FSF, and at a much lower price than the original Deluxe Distribution
Package. See the details at

We have begun the process of updating the book & CD package, "GNU
Software for MS-Windows". ( We
could always use volunteers to help with the technical aspects of this
project.  Please send us an email if you would like to help out.

A number of people responding to the survey last spring did want polo
shirts, but not an overwhelming amount.  We have some polo shirts in
the office made two years ago for a trade show and never used.  They
are black cotton with "Free Software Foundation" printed over the left
breast in yellow ink.  I will add these shirts to the web site by the
end of October.  I want to see what the reaction is like before
investing in a large shipment of shirts.

As always, we are working on new manuals.  But I have become
superstitious and will not publicly announce any until they are well
on their way to press.  It is amazing how long and winding a road it
can be between first speaking with an author and getting the new books
back from the printer.  Unfortunately, a good number of books don't
make it for one reason or another.


Please send feedback about GNU Press to address@hidden  We look
forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Lisa M. Goldstein 
Managing Editor, GNU Press

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