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[Introphysics] Great project

From: Mark
Subject: [Introphysics] Great project
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 15:07:48 -0400
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Hi all

I just found your project on Savannah - its a great project. I have a few questions for you, before you start to wonder too much about who the hell I am and why I am suddenlty asking all the questions
please take a look at my savannah project:

project page:

You seem to be doing very well and I would like to help if I can. I just have a few questions:

1) Why the GPL license and not the Gnu Free Documentation License? The GFDL gives you access to anything thats been
written already on WikiBooks and might be more appropriate for a book?

2) If you are going to stick with the GPL would you be prepared to release some content under the GFDL as well so that we could incorporate
it into our work and vice versa if you are interested?

3) Are you guys interested in collaborating?

Well done on a great idea and I hope we can work together.



Mark Horner Jabber/AIM/Yahoo: marknewlyn

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