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[Librefm-commits] [1870] added login text

From: Matt Lee
Subject: [Librefm-commits] [1870] added login text
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 00:24:16 +0000

Revision: 1870

Author:   mattl
Date:     2009-05-29 00:24:12 +0000 (Fri, 29 May 2009)
Log Message:
added login text

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/nixtape/themes/librefm/templates/login.tpl
--- trunk/nixtape/themes/librefm/templates/login.tpl    2009-05-29 00:21:55 UTC 
(rev 1869)
+++ trunk/nixtape/themes/librefm/templates/login.tpl    2009-05-29 00:24:12 UTC 
(rev 1870)
@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
 <h3>Need an account? <a href="register.php">Register now!</a></h3>
 {if !empty($errors)}
 <div id='errors'>
@@ -13,6 +14,11 @@
+<div class="yui-g">
+    <div class="yui-u first">
 <div id='login-form'>
        <form action='' method='post'>
@@ -35,4 +41,40 @@
+    <div class="yui-u first" id="privacy">
+      <div>
+      <h2>We take your privacy seriously</h2>
+      <p>Your privacy is our primary concern. Our goal is to retain as
+      little information on you as possible while still retaining the
+      ability to provide reliable service and prevent abuse of server
+      resources.</p>
+      <p>We collect user information from you when you sign up for an
+      account, specifically a username, password, and valid email address.</p>
+      <p>We check your email address is valid by sending you a
+      verification email address. If you are concerned by the
+      possibility that your email address or username may reveal your
+      identity, please use an alternative email account, or username.</p>
+      <p>Most sites keep detailed records of all connections. In
+      general, we do not keep information which uniquely identifies
+      you to your ISP. We do not log IP addresses. For troubleshooting,
+      we may enable increased logging for brief periods of time. These
+      extra logs are deleted immediately after they are used.</p>
+      <p>You can opt-in to make your listening data public.</p>
+      <p>We are working on ways to allow you to delete songs you have
+      previously listened to, but please bear in mind that anyone
+      looking at your profile can see your most recent history.</p>
+      <p>In the future, we may add functionality to allow you to hide
+      your profile completely, or from users unknown to you.</p>
+      </div>
 {include file='footer.tpl'}

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