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Re: ltmain.c

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: ltmain.c
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2000 12:31:39 -0700

Bruce Korb wrote:
> The fun part is done now,
> so I won't tinker with it any more unless we at least proceed
> with a discussion.  With this patch,

> this program now:
> 1.  Processes all the ``libtool'' command line arguments,
>     though not the ones that come after the command names
>     (``gcc'', etc.)
> 2.  Reads in the libtool script, extracting the config information,
>     both for the --config command line option, and for insertion
>     into the output script.
> 3.  The first line of the libtool file is used to determine which
>     shell should be invoked for processing the commands, via popen.
>     Yes, I know that other methods will also have to be used.
> 4.  The option state is emitted into the output script after
>     the config information has been extracted into it.
> 5.  the script appropriate for the determined mode is emitted.
> 6.  Changing the first line of ``libtool'' to contain:
>         #! /bin/cat
>     makes this easy to debug :-)
> 7.  I make the simplifying assumption that libtool has either
>     properly determined the correct SHELL/echo combination,
>     or it will fail on the first try.  I omit the re-execution
>     logic and insert this into the output script instead:
>         if test "X`($echo '\t') 2>/dev/null`" = 'X\t'
>         then  :
>         else  echo='%s --echo --' ; fi
>     where ``%s'' will be replaced with the ltmain program path.
>     ltmain has a --echo mode option.
> I think that is basically it for a first-round hack.
> Cheers,
>         Bruce

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