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From: Ganesan Rajagopal
Subject: $ORIGIN in RPATHs
Date: 10 Oct 2000 11:58:34 +0530
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I would like to add an RPATH with $ORIGIN (supported on Solaris and
GLIBC platforms), but libtool complains that an absolute path is
needed. A following trivial fix to fixes the problem. The
patch is against the top of the multi-language-branch.

------------ patch start ------------------------------------
diff -u -r1.200.2.39
---   2000/10/02 01:24:01
+++   2000/10/10 06:17:59
@@ -951,9 +951,9 @@
        rpath | xrpath)
-         # We need an absolute path.
+         # We need an absolute path unless it's a $ORIGIN directive
          case "$arg" in
-         [\\/]* | [A-Za-z]:[\\/]*) ;;
+         [\\/]* | [A-Za-z]:[\\/]* | $ORIGIN*) ;;
            $echo "$modename: only absolute run-paths are allowed" 1>&2
            exit 1
------------ patch end -------------------------------------

While we are on this topic, how about modifying libtool to add a
$ORIGIN in a program RPATH instead of an hardcoded path if
possible? This case should be trivial when libdir and bindir are
subdirectories of prefix.


R. Ganesan (address@hidden)       | Ph: 91-80-5721856 Ext: 2149
Novell India Development Center.       | #include <std_disclaimer.h>

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