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[PATCH] Fix for bootstrapping with latest CVS Autoconf

From: Morten Eriksen
Subject: [PATCH] Fix for bootstrapping with latest CVS Autoconf
Date: 11 Oct 2000 17:05:40 +0200
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Autoconf straight out of CVS will complain about "backquotes and
doublequotes should not be backslashed" when expanding the macro code
of _LT_AC_LTCONFIG_HACK libtool.m4.

This is against the head branch -- I haven't checked if the 1.3 branch
and/or the multi-language branch should be fixed in the same manner.

BTW, there seems to be many minor problems when bootstrapping libtool
from the head CVS branch with the latest Autoconf and Automake
(i.e. from CVS). Is that supposed to work? If yes, I'll probably give
it a look-over and possibly send a bunch of patches to fix the issues
which pops up.


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