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Problems with dynamic library paths

From: Lars Christensen
Subject: Problems with dynamic library paths
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 12:24:43 +0100 (MET)


I have a problem that I suppose libtool is involved in. If not, please
notify me!

I am trying to compile some package (sawfish fyi), which depends on other
libraries that we have installed in some places away from the standard
dynamic library path - that is, the paths are not in /etc/ or

Usually, I cope with this by including "-R/path/to/lib" (solaris linker)
in the LDFLAGS environment variable and/or setting LD_RUN_PATH to
"/path/to/lib" before running "configure". This usually works
nicely. However, with sawfish and other packages that use libtool this
fails. The "/path/to/lib" is NOT compiled into the binary! Only the
packages own library paths are included in the binary.

I can see that sawfish take heavy use of libtool - is libtool the reason
for this or is something else, like improper use of libtool?

Of course, I can set LD_LIBRARY_PATH appropriatly before running the
application, but that is not really practical in our environment (many
users and many different applications).

Thanks for any help, in advance!

Lars Christensen, address@hidden

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