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FIX for Arg list too long...

From: Robert Boehne
Subject: FIX for Arg list too long...
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 14:51:33 -0600


I've been splitting libraries into two, three, and four parts,
and I've found that it (reasonably so) depends on the directory
tree (srcdir & builddir) how many parts each library must
be split into.  In short, I fix one, another breaks, and I
don't see this as a reasonable or elegant solution.
Therefore, I have decided to add support for
  IRIX's   -objectlist object_list_file 
  Tru64's  -input <file>
  HP-UX's  -c filename
flags for using a file to specify the input to "ld".  I would like
to prevent the "Arg list too long" errors on every platform possible.

What I need from all of you is some guidance, and possibly notification
of similar flags (and how to use them) on other systems.  As I don't
really have any idea (yet) of how to accomplish this, I would appreciate
any half-baked ideas, sections of man pages, pointers to other
or whatever you may *think* might help.  I promise to smile big
at least once for every reply I get.  ;)


Robert Boehne  -- Still wondering why I worked so hard to get
                  a degree in Mechanical Engineering...

Robert Boehne             Software Engineer
Ricardo Software   Chicago Technical Center
TEL: (630)789-0003 x. 238
FAX: (630)789-0127
email:  address@hidden

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