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Do you know of software that can do this?

From: Tony Tocco
Subject: Do you know of software that can do this?
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 03:48:13 -0600

   I saw that you author/sell software.

 I want to be able to call my home phone from my cell phone and 
hang up before anything answers the phone. I want my caller ID 
modem to recognize that it was my cell phone that called and 
then call my cell phone back. The software installed on my 
computer will then allow me to enter a number on my cell phone 
keypad, then make a three-way call to the number I just entered 
on my cell phone.

Like this

1. I call my home phone from my cell and hang up.

2. My home phone/computer calls my cell back and asks me to 
enter a number.

3. I enter a number, and a call is placed to that number 3-WAY.

    Walla, I am not charged for the inbound call and I am 
connected with the person I needed to takl to.

REASON Incoming calls to my cell phone are FREE. This would 
allow me to utilize my 3-way calling feature at my home phone to 
reduce or eliminate outbound calls from my cell phone.

  NOTE My plan with Bellsouth Mobility offers unlimited inbound 
calls. NexTel also offers this. The word in the cellular industry is 
that more and more providers will start offering unlimited inbound 

Please let me know if you know of a program that can do this or if 
you know of anyone that will write the program.



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