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[Fwd: Re: libtool 1.3.5 patches for AIX]

From: Robert Boehne
Subject: [Fwd: Re: libtool 1.3.5 patches for AIX]
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 17:52:26 -0600

On Dec 13, 2000, Robert Boehne <address@hidden> wrote:

> Currently I'm investigating 4 test failures (on IRIX and other Unicies)
> in the MLB by determining what date the failures begin to occur.
> Because the testsuite takes a while to run, I could adapt the patches
> in the down time.

I think I've found the problem in tests/quote.test.  It seems to be
failing on most Unix platforms, the reason is that for the three tests,
compile, link, install, the "link" testing sets the value of $preflag to
Then later in the test, libtool is executed with -n to see what commands
it produces, the libtool output command has removed '-Wl,' here is some

= link mode
= trying: no quoting
= failed: mkdir .libs
xlc_r -o hell -g -O -someflag=test foo.o 

In this case (as all the link mode tests) the variables must satisfy
result = *"$match"*
for the test to pass.  The problem appears to be that '-Wl,' is removed
from $result.

result=mkdir .libs
xlc_r -o hell -g -O -someflag=test foo.o 

match=xlc_r -o hell -g -O -Wl,-someflag=test 

So, is the '-Wl,' supposed to be removed and the test is written wrong,
should the '-Wl,' appear in $result ?

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