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bad prefix

From: Haefelinger, Wolfgang
Subject: bad prefix
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 14:54:30 +0100

Hello there,
just a beginner in trying to understand  how libtool works
together with automake and autoconf (which is, if you want
my  opinion  -  still a error prone, complex and difficult
task - but better than nothing). I  started (after reading
the documentation) with the example"cdemo".The "configure"  
script therein makes use of a M4 macro named AC_CHECK_LIBM. 
Since the macro starts with the prefix "AC_", I assumed it 
as part of the autoconf distribution - which  is not true, 
at least not in  this  special  case (the macro is defined 
inside acinclude.m4). This is  confusing and bad practice.

I suggest to rename the macro to "ME_CHECK_LIBM" or "LOCAL_
CHECK_LIBM" to make the intention as clear as possible and
add some additional comment.


 _Wolfgang Haefelinger________________________
 voice: 069-263-16582 
 email: address@hidden

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