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lib64 on IRIX 6.3 ?

From: Gernot Ziegler
Subject: lib64 on IRIX 6.3 ?
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 21:32:02 +0100 (MET)

Hej guys ! 

I have been developing in Linux only for a long time, but I am now
starting to learn how to compile Linux stuff on an Onyx2, and now I
really start to appreciate libtool, automake and autoconf :-) 

But in the moment I have a strange problem:
I would like to have all the libraries I compile in 64 bit binary format,
and that is usually done by passing the option "-mabi=64" to the compiler
every time it generates an object file or links them.

It seems now that there is no way to make libtool link a 64 bit _shared_
library, since it ignores the "-mabi=64"-option for the linking command
"gcc --mode=shared -mabi=64" ... ltconfig never adds that to the internal
status it generates ... 

My workaround is to only link static libraries (or do the last steps by
hand), but maybe I've just missed something ? 

Thanks for your help in advance ! :-) 


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