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Re: Separate Source Directories

From: Robert Boehne
Subject: Re: Separate Source Directories
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 17:14:15 -0600

Eric Lemings wrote:
> Dear Libtoolers,
> How do you build a library using Libtool from source files that are
> located in different directories?

I use VPATH to tell GNU make to look in other directories.

For example, one of my's has this definition:

VPATH = @srcdir@ : \
@top_srcdir@/drv/Geom : @top_srcdir@/src/Geom: \
@top_srcdir@/drv/TColGeom : @top_srcdir@/src/TColGeom: \
@top_srcdir@/drv/GeomAdaptor : @top_srcdir@/src/GeomAdaptor: \
@top_srcdir@/drv/AdvApprox : @top_srcdir@/src/AdvApprox: \
@top_srcdir@/drv/GeomLProp : @top_srcdir@/src/GeomLProp: \
@top_srcdir@/drv/Adaptor3d : @top_srcdir@/src/Adaptor3d: \

You need to have @srcdir@ in there, the other directories
are where any other files make needs to know about, such as source.
On some platforms the native 'make' does not support VPATH,
but it is simple enough to install GNU make to fix that.
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