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From: Alexander Mai
Subject: libtool&autoconf
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 10:48:14 +0100


I've temporarily subscribed to discuss some issues here ...

Ok, my first one:
for a project I've decided to now explicitly link
all created shared libs against those it depends on.
Advantage and reason to do so is to get the versioning info 
built in (to be discussed later; anyway for that purpose 
I've just installed libtool from anonCVS).

To check for the availability of some function
foo() in libbar we use AC_TRY_LINK() or "similar"
tests in our configure script. Here comes in a small inconsistency:
my LDFLAGS contain some -L/dummy statement which
makes such tests succeed in my case. However upon
linking our shared lib a -lbar may fail - since
the LDFLAGS var is not used here!

And how can I specify an env var which is used
upon linking a shared lib?


Alexander Mai

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