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Re: interdependancies between libraries

From: Brian May
Subject: Re: interdependancies between libraries
Date: 22 Jan 2001 12:46:41 +1100
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>>>>> "Wesley" == Wesley W Terpstra <address@hidden> writes:

    Wesley> Sorry, none. I'm not a libtool hacker though. :-) Maybe
    Wesley> someone else can solve it. However, the issue I see here
    Wesley> is that it's hard for libtool to know that you aren't
    Wesley> using the library that's pulled in by another library.  I
    Wesley> mean, by linking to the library bar which uses library
    Wesley> foo, you're allowed to access foo's symbols. How is
    Wesley> libtool to know that you're not - read symbols listed
    Wesley> unresolved in your app? Yikes

No hacks are required here. If you link in the library on the command
line, then the code directly uses it. If you don't link the
library on the command line, then a dependency is not required.

Or put another way, if you specify that proga should be linked against
libb (only), then proga should not be linked against libc, even if
libb depends on libc, as this will occur at run-time.

If the programmer forgets to directly link in an important library,
and by pure coincidence it gets linked indirectly at run time, then
that is the programmers fault, and libtool shouldn't go out of its way
to try and resolve/break the issue.
Brian May <address@hidden>

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