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Re: interdependancies between libraries

From: Brian May
Subject: Re: interdependancies between libraries
Date: 22 Jan 2001 12:51:29 +1100
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>>>>> "Wesley" == Wesley W Terpstra <address@hidden> writes:

    Wesley> On linux using -L doesn't affect run-time search path, so
    Wesley> my patch just uses that, but I understand that on other
    Wesley> archs. it does affect search path (you don't use
    Wesley> --Wl,rpath,/usr/foo/bar). So my hack won't work there.

Yuck. I though -L always been link-time path, and never run-time path.

I suspect you might have to treat these platforms as broken cases, and
say that certain things might be broken for these platforms.  (eg. the
run time search path specifying the installation path - at least this
way it should work, I think?).

No sense in breaking a feature on *all* platforms just because some
can't cope...
Brian May <address@hidden>

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