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Win32: Autotools/libtool and MS VC++?

From: Marc van Woerkom
Subject: Win32: Autotools/libtool and MS VC++?
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 13:42:02 +0100 (CET)

Dear list members,

sadly I have been thrown in the JAVA trenches lately,
(which would lead to the question of JAVA and Autotools :-)
but for now I would need an information regarding Win32.

Using Cygwin and the ported gcc seems supported rather
well (autoconf, automake in the cygwin ports system and libtool 
being able to be compiled form the standard tarball) 
but what happens if one really wants to use the Microsoft
C/C++ compiler?

Leaving out dependencies tracking for a moment (where I was
told to use CVS automake), it was easy to change CC and
CXX variables and flags. But what about library building?
My impression was that libtool has not been extended to
implement its functionality in term of the Microsoft 
compiler. (My problem is that I can't avoid having to 
use that compiler)

Has anyone tried to extend the use of the autotools
and in particular libtool to Microsoft VC++?

If not, could anyone outline how to add it myself?


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