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to libtool or not: Windows & Unix NSAPI program

From: david
Subject: to libtool or not: Windows & Unix NSAPI program
Date: 1 May 2001 03:56:18 -0700

I'm trying to use cygwin as the development platform for a Netscape server 
plugin (NSAPI) program that will eventually run on HP/UX. 

I'd like to use the autotools if possible to help with the platform-dependent 
make process.

I've hacked hsapi.h so that Windows & Unix features are no longer mutually 
exclusive, and all the example nsapi's shipped with their server compile fine.

I tried using libtool via automake, and it comes very close to building 
successfully. The final link step fails because it does not recognize that it 
needs to link to ns-httpd40.lib / ns-httpd40.dll for a shared data item. I 
can't seem to convince libtool/automake to include this file on the linker 
line. When I do a manual link step at this point, including ns-httpd40.dll on 
the command line, it works.

Should I even be trying to use libtool here? I'm trying to produce a Windows 
dll that needs to be linked against other windows dlls (ns-httpd40.dll, cygwin, 
etc.) Libtool doesn't seem to like windows file extensions -- dll, lib, etc.

If I don't use libtool, how can I do this with automake?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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