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Re: I think binary-branch is almost ready for play time

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: I think binary-branch is almost ready for play time
Date: 12 May 2001 14:48:41 -0300
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On May 12, 2001, Bruce Korb <address@hidden> wrote:

>    make -f

> you will recreate an with the following differences.
> It is based on this morning's multi-language-branch.  I sincerely
> hope that was the right branch :-).

It was.

I've taken a quick look at the code.  I can't build ltmain: `autogen
ltopts.def' fails saying it can't map data file `options'.  Did you
forget to check something in?  Or is `options' generated?  Or part of
some AutoGen release I don't have (I've got 5.0.9).  

> Here is my hope and wish:
> that this be used for all further development on the mlb.

I still have to be convinced it will be advantageous to use this
instead of say m4 or sic.  I can't see how we're going to factor out
multiple occurrences of certain constructs ($echo "Xsomething" |
$Xsed, finding the canonical version of a pathname, quoting a string,
adding .libs to a filename, etc, etc, etc) into ``functions'' or
``macros'' in AutoGen.  It seems to me that this kind of factoring is
extraneous to AutoGen's template expansion facilities.  I'd love to be
proven wrong, but I don't want to buy into this solution before I'm
convinced it will help us achieve the goal of simplifying ltmain code
to the point of its becoming maintainable again.  Please prove me
wrong, Bruce.  Please, please! :-D

Make sure you tag the binary-branch and the MLB so that we can easily
identify and merge any changes, should they occur.

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