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Re: I think binary-branch is almost ready for play time

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: I think binary-branch is almost ready for play time
Date: 13 May 2001 19:57:30 -0300
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On May 13, 2001, Bruce Korb <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Alexandre,
> Alexandre Oliva wrote:
>> I'd rather have macros used across multiple libtool commands, to have
>> an idea of how we'd share them.

> I think the current CVS will give you that idea.

Indeed, it does.  I'm close to being convinced.  The final test is
going to be this: I'd like to implement test-and-exit in terms of a
new macro, namely, test, that takes arguments such as the test to be
performed, the if clause and the else clause.

This will show me how hard it is to define macros in terms of others.
If it's simple enough, you've got a buy in.

I must confess that I dislike AutoGen's syntax, heavily loaded with [=
and =], but I'm sure it's just a matter of getting used to it.  Named
arguments in macro invocations are sometimes a nuisance, but they can
also be a plus.

> There is a file, "ltmacros.tpl" that contains ag-macros that
> are/can be used by any of the libtool commands, and their
> output appears in both the C source and the shell source.
> I'm also probably done playing for a few days, so it shouldn't
> suddenly change from under you, either.

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