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Libtool for C++, Windows and Unix

From: Lars von Wedel
Subject: Libtool for C++, Windows and Unix
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 08:37:12 +0200


I'm planning to migrate a couple of our software projects to using
Libtool support would be great, but I read about a bunch of issues
related to C++.
On the other hand, in the archives of the mailing list, there seem to be
a number
of people actually using libtool together with C++, so I'm a bit puzzled

Use of libltdl is planned, but 'only' to dynamically load modules at run
time, no
preloading or whatever is required. Platforms to be supported should be
Solaris, Linux,
and Win32/Cygwin, later probably IRIX. 

Is this a feasible scenario with the current version of libtool? Do I
have to take a
look into the multi-language branch (didn't find any docs, so far)?


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